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LMS Features

Powerful LMS tools.

SIS + LMS = :)

Our system combines all the functionality of a student information system (SIS) with the best features of a learning management system (LMS). It’s a single-solution that eliminates the need for third-party vendors while giving teachers the tools they need to be successful in a 21st century classroom.

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Online Assessments

With a few clicks teachers can create and assign an online assessment using Campus Instruction. Auto-scoring frees teachers to provide personal feedback and focus on what students need to learn most.

Online Assignments

Teachers can post assignments online allowing students to access and submit them from any internet-connected computer.

Assignment Library

A district-wide repository of assignments, the Assignment Library lets teachers search by keyword, standard or learning objective and add assignments directly to their Planner.

File Attachments

Campus Instruction lets teachers give their students the digital files they need to do their work. Students and parents can download these files from any computer.

Student Submissions

Students can easily attach files to assignments or enter a text response using a rich-text editor. Teachers can open and score each student’s submission directly from their Planner or Grade Book.


Discussions allows teachers to augment classroom lessons with structured and secure online discussions. Teachers have numerous options to support online safety including full moderation and parental read-only access.

Enhanced Planner

From the Planner teachers can easily create, modify and add assignments to their classroom schedule, search for existing assignments in the Assignment Library and get real-time pacing information by viewing other teachers’ Planners.

Google Drive Integration  

Infinite Campus works with Google Drive to make files easily accessible to teachers and students - when and where they need them!

The ability to integrate Google Drive files with Campus Instruction allows teachers to interact with Google Drive through their assignments in three ways: 

1. Link files to the Teacher Notes and videos to the Portal Description of an assignment; 

2. Attach a Drive file to an assignment that students can open and interact with based on the teacher’s sharing preferences; and 

3. Allow students to attach Drive files to assignments in the Portal, either original files or files copied from the teacher’s original. 

All sharing and editing permissions can be managed through the assignment. Files can also be attached to units and lesson plans for sharing between teachers.


  • Teachers and students can:
    Link and attach files and YouTube video in their account on their district’s Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Drive to assignments, units and lesson plans. 
  • Teachers can:
    Link and attach files to units and lesson plans. 
  • Districts can:
    Self-configure the connection between District Edition and their GAFE.

Key Functionality

  • There is no need to login separately to Google and Infinite Campus. Infinite Campus users can link directly to their GAFE Domain account. 
  •  Editing permissions are fully managed by Infinite Campus District Edition. Teachers and students don’t need to manage document sharing. 
  • Effortlessly find your files. Search and Preview make it easy to quickly retrieve the right file in your Drive account.