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Technical Services

Lighten your IT department’s workload and save staff time.

Hosting, we'll handle it.

We offer three hosting options, including cloud hosting, to meet the needs for districts of all sizes. Campus Hosting is surprise-free, reliable, and has a proven record of 99.99% server availability. All equipment is managed and maintained by the Managed Services Team, which also provides nightly backups.

In addition to ensuring the highest level of data security, our team is the first responder for site outages, critical hardware failure and disaster recovery. We manage the cloud platforms, application updates and new customer site configurations. We work hard to keep you up and running.

Kim Janecek, Manager, Managed Services (Operations)

Three hosting options:

Cloud Choice Hosting

This is our recommended choice for medium to large-sized districts. It provides the greatest degree of freedom and flexibility in selecting which specific version number of the product to run and when to switch versions, all at an unbeatable price point. 

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a well-established distributed data storage methodology that Infinite Campus makes available to our customers. This is our most economical hosting solution and is primarily targeted toward small and medium-sized districts who want to accomplish big things within tight budgets. 

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In-district Hosting

By relying on Infinite Campus to provide In-district Hosting, districts realize reduced costs and operational overhead by eliminating the need to own and operate their own equipment. Campus Hosting provides nightly backups, warm site failover, and disaster recovery.

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Custom Development

Save district time

Do you have ideas for customizing your Student Information System (SIS) data? With Campus Custom Development, you can make the most of your Infinite Campus investment. Use your Infinite Campus data in new, customizable ways with this time-saving, optional service. Certified technical experts help get the data you want, where and when you want it.

  • Reduce redundant data entry by automating data exchange between Infinite Campus and third-party systems
  • Run complex reports
  • Provide your stakeholders with dynamic, interactive reports to fulfill process-specific needs
  • Customize report cards
  • Create custom tabs in Infinite Campus District Edition

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    When we first envisioned Online Registration, we sent a basic plan to Custom Development. From that, the team created a product far beyond our expectations. We were very pleased with not only the product, but its functionality. Through patience and listening to our needs, Custom Development created a functional tool from our vision. We had a marvelous experience and would work with them again in the future. - Nevada School District

    Process Consulting

    Expand Campus Capabilities

    This optional service will highlight areas for improved use of Campus and advanced functionality while saving staff time, eliminating redundant data entry and streamlining business processes. Think about what are you doing now and where you want to go. Process consulting helps you identify answers to these questions, and will assist you in implementing new or revised processes.

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    • Adapt or adjust existing workflow processes for more efficiency.
    • Facilitate best-practice discussions based on needs and desired outcomes.
    • Fully use the advanced features of the system.
    • Tailor database setup to meet specific needs.
    • Understand relationships within the system that impact functionality.
    • Use Infinite Campus data to facilitate sound educational decisions.

    Data Conversion

    Experienced Technicians

    Our experienced technicians efficiently convert data from your current data management system to our comprehensive student information system during implementation. Data health checks identify areas where data is missing or needs to be “cleaned.” During implementation, your district's data will be converted to Infinite Campus.

    Typical data conversion services include a data migration consultation and review, data health check, trial conversions, and a conversion dashboard to assist you with data validation and cleanup.

    Learn more about our implementation process and how each implementation plan is custom-tailored to ensure a successful transition.

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    Convert data from any SIS

    We have developed a set of standard conversion layouts for converting data from virtually any student information system. We have completed successful conversions of data from: PowerSchool, Skyward, eSIS, JMC, Schoolmaster, SASI and many others.