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Premium Products and Suites

Eliminate third-party vendors.

Eliminate third-party systems with Campus Premium Products and Suites.

All Premium Products and Suites are fully-integrated and easy-to-use. You will quickly save your district time and money by streamlining district processes.

Premium Products

We're not just a student information system. We offer fully-integrated products to give districts one single database for all their needs. Attend a demo for one of our Premium Products:

Campus Payments
Reliable and secure payment processing solutions.

Campus Passport
Training subscription that features role-specific, on-demand learning.

Food Service
Streamline cafeteria operations.

Messenger with Voice
Simplify communication to staff, students and parents.

Multi-language Editor
Support multiple languages and increase communication effectiveness with diverse stakeholders.

Online Registration
New student and existing student registration.

Staff Evaluations
Tools for staff performance.

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Premium Suites

Campus Analytics Suite Identify students at risk of not persisting to graduation. Includes surveys with translation support and embedded reporting.

Campus Learning Suite
LMS that connects teachers to new, powerful tools for digital learning.

Campus Data Suite
Improve data visibility and integrity with tools that protect your district, staff, students, and parents.

Campus Workflow Suite
Includes tools to minimize manual processes and save schools time.

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Attend an online demo to learn more about our simple, yet powerful Premium Products and Suites.

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