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State Education Agency (SEA)

K12 Data Collection and Management System

Your SEA data collection and management solution.

Other vendors consider a statewide student information system a state where every Local Education Agency (LEA) uses the same student information system. Still, they provide no system for the State Education Agency (SEA) to use and no uniform, real-time, transparent, and accurate method to collect and send data to their LEAs. In 2002, Infinite Campus created a new way for SEAs to collect, distribute, and manage K12 data statewide in real time. This system also allows LEAs to send student/staff information to one another and allows for cross site enrollments between LEAs. Over twenty years later, we continue to enhance this system every four weeks.

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Advanced SEA Operational Data Store (ODS)

  • All years and all district data are available in real-time in one database. Annual data is not stored in separate databases and data is not overwritten as students move from one district to another.
  • The ODS stores unlimited historical student, staff, course, FRAM, human resource, behavior, attendance, grade, graduation, IEP, PLP, assessment, health, progress, program data and much more.
  • Provides an intuitive SEA GUI that allows easy navigation, searching and reporting.
  • The SEA ODS can easily transfer data to other third-party SEA systems by multiple different methods.
  • The SEA can create and use State Edition to facilitate advanced funding formulas, such as average daily attendance (ADA) and average daily membership (ADM). In addition, SEAs can use machine learning to predict student outcomes based on data pattern recognition across the state and nation. This allows for accurate and targeted at-risk funding models.  

Horizontal Bi-directional Data Flow

  • Real-time enrollment overlap detection, management and resolution tools.
  • Real-time cross-district enrollment. Staff can easily enroll students in available courses in other districts, and the grades and attendance information flow back to the home district in real-time for use on report cards and transcripts.
  • Student and staff local district to local district record transfers (demographic, census, transcripts, IEP, health, behavior, attendance, qualifications, employment data and much more).
  • Data import tools for local districts to streamline records transfers, reduce workload and ensure data accuracy.

Vertical Bi-directional Data Flow

SEAs can push the following items out (down) to their local districts in real-time:

  • Statewide announcements, notices, surveys and videos.
  • Generate, issue and manage unique student and staff identification numbers.
  • Custom SEA-created pages, tabs and fields.
  • Assessment results, statewide course masters, uniform chart of accounts, state education standards and much more.
  • Unlimited SEA created data validations, queries and filters to run against district data to ensure accuracy before district certification.

SEAs can pull in/up the following data from their local districts in real-time:

  • All K12 data that is required by law for the SEA to collect. Our SEA ODS supports hundreds of data objects.
  • SEAs can collect data in real-time or in data certification snapshots or a combination of both methods.
  • SEAs have the ability to resync data by district, school, object, etc., reducing and fixing errors in the SEA ODS.

Provides a transparent, timely and accurate data certification process where both the SEA and local districts use the same system to certify their data.

Ability to Deploy Numerous District-level Data Systems Statewide

  • SIS
  • IEP
  • Health
  • Messenger System
  • LMS
  • Human Resource
  • RTI
  • Food Service
  • Food Service
  • FRAM
  • Scheduling
  • Online Registration
  • Assessment
  • Behavior
  • Documents
  • EWS

History of State Edition

2002 South Dakota Department of Education

145,000 students and... MORE >

The state of South Dakota’s Department of Education chose Infinite Campus to provide all of South Dakota districts with a cost effective solution to manage student information. The entire statewide implementation only took about 18 months. With each of the districts using best practices for data entry, the state has a true transactional data warehouse providing the ability to analyze information to detect trends in real-time, make adjustments as needed and plan ahead for the future.

2006 Bureau of Indian Education

54,000 students across 25 states... MORE >

Infinite Campus then embarked on implementation with the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) in 2006. BIE has 186 districts in 25 states across the U.S. with the entire spectrum of technology capabilities from novice to expert.

2007 Montana Office of Public Instruction

149,000 students and... MORE >

The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) was unique in that they chose to implement the Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE) without offering the Infinite Campus District Edition (ICDE) to their districts. The focus of this implementation was to support a unique state ID assignment and allow data collection via uploads to the state.

2007 Kentucky Department of Education

690,000 students and... MORE >

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) implemented ICSE in 176 districts in just 30 months. The KDE now enjoys not only the benefits of ICSE, but the ability to analyze a rich set of student data available in real time, not just at state reporting times.

2015 Hawaii Department of Education

170,000 students and... MORE >

HIDOE’s unique geographic and educational structure requires a partner with specific experience to meet the requirements of both a district and a state customer. Infinite Campus is the only vendor who has 1) developed an SIS in use by districts the size of HIDOE, 2) manages data for both districts and state departments of education and 3) has the proven ability to handle large district and statewide implementations on time and on budget.

2016 Nevada Department of Education

540,000 students (including 4th largest district in the US with 330,000 students)... MORE >

With the selection of Infinite Campus for its statewide data collection system, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) becomes the sixth Infinite Campus statewide customer. NDE found Infinite Campus to be the only vendor with an off-the-shelf K12 state department of education data management system.

2021 Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

10,000 students and... MORE >

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Public School System (PSS) selected Infinite Campus for its proven federal security, performance at distance, and robust feature set. All islands are connected with a single database operating in real-time across all schools and years. CNMI PSS becomes the 7th SEA to use Infinite Campus.

2023 Delaware Department of Education

140,000 students and... MORE >

The Delaware Department of Education (DOE) selected Infinite Campus to replace its previous statewide SIS and IEP provider. 100% of school districts use Campus SIS, OLR, Messenger, OLP, LMS, Workflow, Analytics, Data Suite, Report Translation, Passport, and YES. In contrast, the Delaware DOE will use the Infinite Campus State Edition to collect and disperse data in real-time to its LEAs. The Delaware DOE becomes the 8th SEA to use Infinite Campus.

2023 North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

1,500,000 students and... MORE >

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) selected Infinite Campus to replace its previous statewide SIS provider. 100% of school districts use Campus SIS, OLR, Messenger, OLP, LMS, Workflow, Analytics, Data Suite, Report Translation, Passport, and YES. In contrast, the NCDPI will use the Infinite Campus State Edition to collect and disperse data in real-time to its PSUs. The NCDPI becomes the 9th SEA to use Infinite Campus.