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Statewide Student Information System

A statewide single solution.

Your statewide solution.

Our statewide system is an off-the-shelf statewide data collection system. Currently six ICSE customers have their own unique deployment of Campus tools, or combination of district-level systems. The benefits of a reliable, state-level information system are extensive for both the state department of education and districts.

The basics: real-time tracking

The foundation of any statewide system is student tracking. Infinite Campus provides a number of tools to track both student and staff data across the state, as well as the nation.

  • Unique State Student IDs
  • Student and Staff Location
  • Student Data Transfers and National Records Exchange
  • Enrollment Overlap Management

Core functionality

With ICSE, current and historical information is kept in a highly normalized transaction database. To keep up with state accountability requirements, ICSE is continually enhanced at no additional cost to our customers.

  • Statewide Data Collection
  • Vertical Interoperability
  • Operational Data Store
  • Course Completion
  • Teacher Student Data Link
  • Statewide Special Education
  • Statewide Health Solutions

Reporting framework

The versatility of our reporting tools, in conjunction with the operational data store, allow states to quickly respond to changes in reporting requirements, public information needs and district communication.

  • Data Certification
  • Data Validation
  • Data Certification Snapshot
  • Longitudinal Analysis
  • Reporting Tools
  • Custom Reports

A bi-directional statewide system

ICSE is not only designed to aggregate essential information from districts to the state, but it's also designed to distribute tools and information from the state to its districts.

  • Information System
  • DOE Customization
  • Assessments
  • Ad Hoc Data Collections
  • Ad Hoc Data Filters
  • SAML-based Authentication

History of State Edition

2002 South Dakota Department of Education

The state of South Dakota’s Department of Education chose Infinite Campus to provide all of South Dakota districts with a cost effective solution to manage student information. The entire statewide implementation only took about 18 months. With each of the districts using best practices for data entry, the state has a true transactional data warehouse providing the ability to analyze information to detect trends in real-time, make adjustments as needed and plan ahead for the future.

2006 Bureau of Indian Education

Infinite Campus then embarked on implementation with the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) in 2006. BIE has 186 districts in 23 states across the U.S. with the entire spectrum of technology capabilities from novice to expert.

2007 Montana Office of Public Instruction

The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) was unique in that they chose to implement the Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE) without offering the Infinite Campus District Edition (ICDE) to their districts. The focus of this implementation was to support a unique state ID assignment and allow data collection via uploads to the state.

2007 Kentucky Department of Education

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) implemented ICSE in 176 districts in just 30 months. The KDE now enjoys not only the benefits of ICSE, but the ability to analyze a rich set of student data available in real time, not just at state reporting times.

2015 Hawaii Department of Education

HIDOE’s unique geographic and educational structure requires a partner with specific experience to meet the requirements of both a district and a state customer. Infinite Campus is the only vendor who has 1) developed an SIS in use by districts the size of HIDOE, 2) manages data for both districts and state departments of education and 3) has the proven ability to handle large district and statewide implementations on time and on budget.

2015 Nevada Department of Education

With the selection of Infinite Campus for its statewide data collection system, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) becomes the seventh Infinite Campus statewide customer. NDE found Infinite Campus to be the only vendor with an off-the-shelf K12 state department of education data management system.

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