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The Infinite Campus Foundation

The charitable arm of Infinite Campus.

The Infinite Campus Foundation founded in 2009, is the 501(c)(3) charity arm of Infinite Campus, Inc. The primary focus of the Foundation is identifying and supporting programs and services in the Twin Cities north metro, which provide support and services to teens with mental health issues. A U.S. Surgeon General report indicates that one in five children and adolescents will face a significant mental health condition during their school years. Mental health disorders affecting children and adolescents can range from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to autism, depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and others. Students suffering from these conditions face significant barriers to learning and are less likely to graduate from high school. The Infinite Campus Foundation seeks to fund programs and services which break down these barriers to student achievement.

To date, the Infinite Campus Foundation has contributed over a million dollars in funds and material donations. See below for Infinite Campus Foundation partners.

June 14, 2022 - Prize Update

Congratulations to the Minnesota Prevention and Recovery Alliance (MnPRA) and the Minnesota Mental Health Community Foundation (Fast Tracker) for being selected to lead a pilot program that addresses mental health and addiction issues in Anoka County. While our intent is to eventually create a statewide system, we have decided to launch this initiative with a local, three-phase pilot. Starting in Anoka County will allow us to closely collaborate with providers, maximize consumer awareness and reduce cost. If successful, we will create a plan to scale the platform statewide in partnership with the appropriate state agencies.

Pilot Summary
Finding the right service provider is key to behavioral health recovery. The goal of this project is to create an online resource that connects those in need of behavioral health services with the provider most appropriate for them. More than a directory, the platform will provide computer-driven recommendations, consumer reviews and live support. The pilot will be divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Provider Recruitment
MnPRA will identify behavioral health providers either located in Anoka County or that provide services to Anoka County residents. Then, MnPRA will interview providers to determine what would motivate them to be active participants on the platform. Finally, the combined team will analyze the results and create a design document for the platform.

Phase 2: Platform Development
Using the results of phase 1, the Fast Tracker organization will perform a functional analysis to determine if any existing technology can be applied to the new platform. Based on that, a detailed development plan, timeline and budget will be created. Finally, a software contractor will be identified and development work will begin.

Phase 3: Platform Launch
Creating customer awareness will be key to the platform’s success. While search engine optimization (SEO) and social media advertising can be effective, we anticipate promotion through the participating service providers themselves. Creating a strong mental health and addiction network is in everyone’s best interest.

Thank you to all the organizations that applied for the Infinite Campus Foundation Mental Health and Addiction Network prize. We wish all applicants continued success in helping address mental health and addiction issues in our communities.

September 24, 2021 - $1,000,000 prize offered to inspire solutions that streamline mental health and addiction services.

Why a $1,000,000 Prize?

The need for improvement of our mental health and addiction system is immediate and due to the pandemic, growing. Regional networks, coordinated by central hubs, will create a one-stop shop of mental health and addiction resources will help bring order to the currently chaotic system. Unfortunately, similar reform attempts have failed in other states due to bureaucratic overhead and organizations clinging to the status quo.

In response, the Infinite Campus Foundation has created a competition to encourage innovation in the marketplace. The winner will receive a million-dollar prize, logistical support, and access to other resources.

Learn More

Press Release

Mental Health and Addiction Network Press Conference

Infinite Campus Foundation Partners

Organizations interested in applying for a donation can complete our request form. For additional information contact Kris Fredrick, Executive Director, Infinite Campus Foundation.

Cambia Hills of East Bethel

The Infinite Campus Foundation was pleased to donate $50,000 to Cambia Hills, which concludes a two-part $100,000 commitment of operating funds to help them during their first year. Cambia Hills is Minnesota's first psychiatric residential treatment facility for youth ages 6-to-17 (which also serves as a school). They opened their doors last year just after the pandemic started and provided treatment and care for 30 kids in a facility that has a 60 patient maximum, until they recently closed in 2021.

Lisa Jacobson, Director of Development and Communications at Cambia Hills (left), accepts a check from Infinite Campus Founder & CEO Charlie Kratsch and his wife Brenda.

United Hospital Foundation

The Infinite Campus Foundation was pleased to contribute $10,000 in sponsorship of the United Hospital Foundation’s Service to Humanity Virtual Gala. The Virtual Gala is meant to raise funds and awareness of Unity Hospital’s Mental Health and Addiction services and facilities. The United Hospital Foundation’s event page offers this information about the event: 

Celebrating philanthropy and gathering virtually as a community to support our healthcare has never seemed more important. This year, every dollar contributed will be considered an outright gift – completely tax deductible, and will support the Mental Health and Addiction campaign at United Hospital. The demand for mental health services continues to accelerate, especially as the unsettling COVID-19 pandemic up-ends nearly every aspect of our lives. United Hospital Foundation is elevating our commitment to exceptional care through the campaign, to create distinctive Mental Health Healing Spaces at United Hospital. You have the power to continue to save lives, improve quality of life, and reduce the adverse effects of addiction on individuals and families. Your support will allow better care for members of our families, neighborhoods, and communities.

This program resonates well with the Infinite Campus Foundation’s charter, which includes support for Mental Health programs that support our neighbors in the Twin Cities North Metro while continuing to support the affinity relationship between Infinite Campus, its Foundation and Allina Health.

Mercy Hospital

The Infinite Campus Foundation is honored to support local healthcare workers through the donation of 45 iPads to Mercy Hospital. The iPads will facilitate the delivery of therapeutic mental health programming for patients isolated by COVID-19. Workers will use the iPads to serve patients throughout Mercy Hospital including in the inpatient mental health setting, the emergency department, and the medical/surgical units.

Allina Health Mercy Hospital Foundation

One in four individuals struggle with mental illness and one in five with addiction. These individuals might not know where to call, or how to get help with an illness. Watch the Video

The Infinite Campus Foundation contributed $300,000 in matching funds to Allina Health Mercy Hospital Foundation's 2015 Community Giving Campaign to help create the Mental Health and Addiction Triage Line, a 24-hour confidential triage line for patients, family members and staff to turn to for help to start the conversation. One call could make all the difference.

In 2016, The Foundation donated $50,000 to the Crystal Ball Fund-A-Need for Mercy Hospital Foundation to provide new inpatient “Healing Spaces” at Unity to help patients struggling with mental health and addiction thrive in settings that recognize their personal dignity and receive care in a highly effective and compassionate setting.  

In 2018, The Foundation donated $25,000 to the Crystal Ball Fund-A-Need for Mercy Hospital Foundation benefiting the substance abuse and addiction services area at Unity campus, to enhance patient experience and promote Whole Person Care.

Thank you, Allina Health for letting the Foundation be a part of this wonderful initiative.

HOPE 4 Youth 

The Infinite Campus Foundation contributed $5,000 to HOPE 4 Youth for youth experiencing homelessness as well as families to find shelter, food and mental health services. 

HOPE 4 Youth is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Coon Rapids, Minn. that meets the needs of young people (ages 23 and under) experiencing homelessness in the community as well as those who are at risk of becoming homeless.

On any given night, there are more than 6,000 homeless young people in the State of Minnesota staying on the streets, many of them right here in our community. HOPE 4 Youth works hard to change the life trajectories of the youth who need them. Whether they need basic necessities – food from the food pantry, clothes from the clothing closet, a hot shower, a hot, nutritious meal, or personal hygiene items – or help finding housing, securing employment, finishing their education, or accessing health care, HOPE 4 Youth helps put them on a path forward.

Second Harvest Heartland 

The Infinite Campus Foundation and Second Harvest Heartland participated in the Pound for Pound Challenge program. Employees of Infinite Campus pledged to lose weight in exchange for funds raised through individual sponsorship pledges. Over the course of the six month program, Infinite Campus employees lost a total of over 300 pounds. In doing so, they raised over $7,000, including matching funds from the Infinite Campus Foundation. One dollar buys three meals, so 21,000 meals were provided to our neighbors in need as a result of this effort. 

The Front Line Foundation

The Infinite Campus Foundation contributed $100,000 supporting The Front Line Foundation. The Mission of The Front Line Foundation is to Back the Badge and support fallen heroes including members of police departments, SWAT teams, firefighters, EMTs, Minnesota National Guard, and other military personnel. Front Line provides support of those who died while in the line of duty by awarding benefit payments to dependents of the fallen first responders.

In addition, The Front Line Foundation will underwrite scholarships and training registration costs for members of the police force and SWAT teams, as well as support preparedness training for safety officers in hospitals, schools, and churches.

Further, The Front Line Foundation will assist with the purchase of needed safety and tactical equipment not currently within the budget of the local unit of government.

Blaine Police Explorer Post #3939

Infinite Campus contributed funds supporting the purchase of uniforms, state and national conference fees, and training equipment for the Blaine Police Explorer Post #3939 located in Blaine, Minnesota. 

The Blaine Police Explorers are comprised of students with an interest in law enforcement careers who are uniformed and receive specialized training in multiple aspects of police work. Explorers have the opportunity to ride along with a Police Officer, once a month, which allows them to get a first-hand look at law enforcement.

Centennial School District - Campus Learning

The Infinite Campus Foundation donated 37 Chrome books to Centennial School District in Blaine, Minnesota, for Campus Learning efforts. Campus Leaning moves beyond the traditional learning model. Teachers draw from a variety of materials to enhance learning: videos, books, articles, simulations, blogs, online courses and much more. Students choose the activity that best meets their learning style. When a student gains proficiency in a standard, they move to the next level, at their own pace. This model also gives teachers at Centennial more time to spend with students who need additional assistance. This is truly the future of learning and we are happy to support their efforts.

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