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Why our Regional ESA purchased Campus Learning for all our member districts.

By Cindy Lee Olson, Executive Director at Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium (ARCC)

As Infinite Campus’s first ESA partner, I have watched them grow from a small Minnesota company to the national, K12 software leader. They have expanded their software to be much more than just a student information system! ARCC recently purchased Campus Learning, the Infinite Campus LMS, for all member districts in Northeastern Minnesota. Here’s why:

We are asked to transfer data from Infinite Campus to the many third-party software vendors our districts use. For example, library systems, community ed systems, graduation tracking systems, mobile device management systems, etc. With the Campus Learning API, this is easy to do. It even allows us to transfer assignments into Infinite Campus for those districts staying with a third-party LMS.

Importing Assignments
With the API, teachers are able to create assignments in their third-party LMS and with a couple clicks, import those assignments and grades into Infinite Campus. This allows parents to look at just one system to see how their children are doing.

Campus Learning allows teachers to start a social-media like discussion in a controlled atmosphere with their students. Teachers can manage who and how students respond…it’s a great way to guide students in healthy online interactions.

A quick look shows the schedule for the day (or week) and if the teachers you want to confer with are available.

Curriculum Library
A wide variety of resources are available and teachers may easily share lesson plans and assignments.

Progress Monitor
Cool way to get a quick visual of how a student is doing on standards-based benchmarks. It is easy to color code and teachers can easily determine where students are struggling and then make important educational decisions to ensure success.

Electronic Submissions
Assignments can be submitted through student portals. With more employers offering the ability to work remotely, the skill is important for future success.

Quick Assessment
Develop a quiz on the fly and get it recorded in the Grade Book. Pretty great for knowing right now if students are grasping today’s lesson!

Because we purchased Campus Learning for our entire region, we paid a very low per student fee. For some of our districts, Campus Learning will replace their expensive ($7-9 per student) third-party learning management system.

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