Grade Book
Included In
Campus Grade Book Open Beta facilitates the easy-entry of student scores and analysis of student performance. Teachers take grading to the next level with student sorting, graphs, configurable calculations and color-coding based on student performance. Scores and grades are made available immediately to students, staff and parents via the Campus Portal.
Key Functionality

Real-time updates for students and parents of assignment scores and grades via the Campus Portal straight from the teacher’s grade book.

No setup required, grade book is preloaded with students and student information.

Scoring of standards is simple and easy with district defined Standards and Rubrics stored in the Standards Bank accessible in each teacher’s grade book.

Analyze performance with one touch sorting of students offered on student assignment scores, assignment category and grades.

Provide feedback with scoring options including numeric scores, marks and rubrics.

New larger display of student scores is bright and easy to read.

Enter scores faster with keyboard shortcuts for score cell navigation and selection of standards.

Group scores for different types of assignments to highlight student performance.

Hidden feature filters so only one student’s grades are visible while meeting with students and parents.

Identify performing groups of students quickly utilizing sorting by single assignment, assignment category or overall performance.

Manage reporting of standards proficiency with the aid of teacher configurable proficiency estimates, including power law.