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Lots of love.

See what customers are saying about our student information system.

Don't just take our word for it.

For more than 25 years, Infinite Campus has successfully implemented its solutions for customers of all sizes. Ranging from districts with 100 students to those with more than 600,000.

You haven’t seen Infinite Campus yet, and you already know how to use it. It’s that simple. The product is more powerful, more stable, and easier than any other SIS product we saw. 
Buffalo Public Schools | 34,000 students
We stand behind Infinite Campus; they provided a more efficient method of handling our student information. Infinite Campus meets our needs today and for years to come.
Darlington Community Schools | 790 students
Infinite Campus has a well-designed database that allows us to manage our student information effectively at school sites as well as monitor student progress across our district.
Natomas Unified School District | 13,500 students
The online training and technical support for our less tech savvy staff helps them feel more comfortable with the product. Infinite Campus provides support for all users – both at the administrative and staff level. This support helps create a comfort level with Infinite Campus that surpassed my experience with PowerSchool.
Pryor Public Schools | 100 students
We selected Infinite Campus for the product’s ease-of-use. The Campus team was helpful and knowledgeable about school systems, which will make our jobs easier during implementation.
Dove Public Charter Schools | 1800 students
None of the components are forced to fit together – rather they were made to work together.

Independent School District of Boise City | 26,000 students

The ability to offer our stakeholders all the information they need from a single source in real time is crucial.

Campbell County Public Schools | 8,000 students

The product grows to meet the ever-changing needs in the technology world.

Fort Thomas Independent Schools | 3,000 students

Infinite campus has enabled our district to connect with parents and students like never before.

Union Public School District I-9 | 18,000 students

I would recommend Infinite Campus to other districts because their customer service and support is top notch!

Durant School District I-72 | 3,600 students

Infinite Campus has enabled our district to combine multiple platforms for student information into one platform.  While we previously used different platforms for grade books, grade reporting, parent portals, point of sale, IEPs, etc., we now use Infinite Campus solely, which has increased efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness.  We particularly enjoy the use of Ad Hoc reporting and the information it can provide teachers to inform and adjust instruction.   

Evergreen School District 50 | 700 students