Finally, the last SIS you'll ever buy.
Infinite Campus District Edition (ICDE)
efficiently serves students and communicates
instantly with all stakeholders.
Why District Edition? It's simple.
More core functionality
than any other SIS
Infinite Campus is a comprehensive SIS with more core functionality than any other system. We enable districts to efficiently serve students and communicate instantly with their stakeholders using the Campus Portal, Mobile Portal, Push Notifications and more. Data is entered once and immediately available across the district.
Free monthly
You will always use the same SIS as when you first implemented. We deliver the most up-to-date technology with continuous product innovation and monthly enhancements at no additional cost. More than 150 developers work to provide you with the most advanced, cost effective SIS on the market.
24/7 customer
All calls will be answered by our support team within three rings. We provide exceptional service 24/7, in person and online. Free online learning tools include: webinars, self-paced training, videos and simulations, forums, hands on virtual labs, one-on-one training and more.
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