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Campus Learning Training Sessions

Welcome Kentucky districts! Below you will find the Campus Learning training schedule, descriptions and Zoom meeting information. Trainings are intended to be specific to a single topic or a few in order to offer more specialized sessions. Sessions are free and open to all districts.

Training Dates & Times

Check out the calendar for times and dates of trainings. Each topic will be offered multiple times August 3 - 14.

Access Trainings Here

No need to register, just use these Zoom meeting invitations to join any training on the day and time it is scheduled.

Learn how teachers can create and use an interactive form-based discussions! The Discussions tool allows teachers to pose a question where students can respond to the teacher and other students.  See how easy it is to follow the layers of conversation for both students and teachers making conversations flow smoothly. Plus, learn how to make a Discussion scored or unscored or flag content as questionable.

Audience: Teachers, Teacher Coaches, and System Administrators

Quick Assessments and Score Analysis
See how simple it is to check for student understanding quickly and easily.  Learn how teachers can create auto-scored quick assessments to be completed in Campus Student. Plus, see how Score Analysis for Quick Assessments shows the breakdown of how students responded to each individual question.  Assessing student outcomes is really simplistic with these tools!

Audience: Teachers, Teacher Coaches, and System Administrators

Google Drive
Learn how to integrate Google Drive content with Campus Learning to make it a seamless process for teachers and students (this does not include Google Classroom). Teachers can deliver content from their Google Drive and receive submissions from students through Campus Student. See how the process of reviewing and scoring submissions is streamlined to save teachers time.

Audience: Teachers, Teacher Coaches, and System Administrators

For Students & Teachers
Learn about the tools available that promote effective communication between teachers and students online. We’ll cover all areas of assignments, including uploading documents, quick assessments, attaching standards and scoring. Plus we’ll show how to use Scoring Rubrics to give students detailed feedback with just a few taps.

Audience: Teachers, Teacher Coaches, and System Administrators

Learn how teachers can manage curriculum through the Planner and leverage existing curriculum through the Library. Plot out units and lessons in a calendar view, and easily adjust with drop and drag. Customize the order of your classes or collaborate with other teachers across departments, schools or the district.  Organizing your course content has never been easier!

Audience: Teachers, Teacher Coaches, Curriculum Designers and System Administrators

3rd Party Connection Pass back
The Infinite Campus Digital Learning Partner Program connects districts to leading learning applications. Securely launch, share class rosters and receive scores from third parties participating in our program, or connect your LMS to Campus Grade Book to receive assignment scores. We’ll share the process teachers will experience when importing grades from an approved vendor into the Campus Grade Book. Note: Google Classroom will be Generally Available August 11.              

View Digital Learning Partners here.

Audience: Teachers, Teacher Coaches, and System Administrators

Progress Monitor
Perfect for standards-based classrooms! The Progress Monitor allows the teachers to enter scores and view student proficiency at a glance across all standards in a section. No more clicking through multiple pages in the Grade Book! Learn how this tool can be used to benefit your students in the classroom. If some students have met proficiency but others need more practice, we’ll show you how to create individualized assignments and assign them only to the students who need them.

Audience: Teachers, Teacher Coaches, and System Administrators

Open House Q&A
Join to ask your specific questions related to any of the Campus Learning tools.

Audience: Any Campus user with questions is encouraged to attend.