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Campus Learning: Digital Learning Partners

Got an LMS? Securely launch, share class rosters, and receive scores from third parties participating in our Digital Learning Partner Program. Grading Services, included with Campus Learning, gives your teachers a break - no more double entry of assignments, scores and final grades into your SIS gradebook.

Certified by IMS Global

IMS Global Certified

Grading Services is the Infinite Campus implementation of the IMS Global OneRoster Grading Services specification. We’re proud to be the first SIS certified by IMS Global for this important data transfer specification.

What is
Grading Services?

Districts with a Grading Services connection to one of our Digital Learning Partners receive assignments, scores, and/or final grades into the Infinite Campus Grade Book.

Benefits of
Grading Services:

  • Real-time integration with assessment systems, LMSs and learning tools in the Infinite Campus Digital Learning Partner Program.
  • Campus Grade Book becomes the district/charter's source of truth for in-progress grades, report cards and transcripts.
  • Eliminate teacher double entry of scores.

Included in
Campus Learning

Grading Services is included with the Campus Learning premium product.

Joined June 2019
In development.

Supporting the Clarity Analytics Platform by BrightBytes
Supporting Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Classroom
Joined Dec. 2018
In development.

Joined September 2018
Generally available.

Google for Education
Joined June 2019
Limited Availability.

Illuminate Education
Joined June 2018
Generally available.

Joined Oct. 2017
Generally available.

Supporting the Canvas LMS by Instructure
Joined Dec. 2017
Generally available.

Joined June 2017
Generally available.

Joined April 2018
Generally available.

Joined Dec. 2017
Generally available.

Joined March 2018
Generally available.

Next Steps

If you're interested in Campus Learning, including Grading Services, for your district, please contact CampusLearningSales@infinitecampus.com. Not a Campus customer? Watch a demo.

If your district is currently working with a vendor not listed above, please share the link to this form with the vendor so that they may contact Campus.