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Process Consulting

Get answers to questions and assistance in implementing new or revised processes.

What are you currently doing? Where do you want to go?

Our Business Consults will help you identify answers to these questions and will assist you in implementing new or revised processes. During implementation, our Business Consultants work to give you the confidence you need to meet your goals.

What we do:

  • Adapt or adjust existing workflow processes for more efficiency
  • Facilitate best practice discussions based on needs and desired outcomes
  • Fully use the advanced features of the system
  • Tailor database setup to meet specific needs
  • Understand relationships within the system that impact functionality
  • Use Infinite Campus data to facilitate sound educational decisions

Consulting Examples:


The ability to gauge student achievement and teacher effectiveness based on assessment data can be easily managed through assessments. Business Consultants work with districts to set up assessments and import mappings. Once result data is entered, longitudinal reporting on assessments is possible.

Custom Tabs

While Infinite Campus is a comprehensive student information system (SIS), data collection tools often exist outside it. Infinite Campus provides districts with tools that allow for data tracking of information that is not a part of the core system through custom tabs. Business Consultants work with districts to understand what these data collections are and how best to manage them.

Scheduling Consultation 

With 10 million students using Infinite Campus, the types of student schedules that can be created is extensive. The scheduling consultation will go through each school’s specific needs and work through the entire process from start to finish. 

Grading Consultation

With a large push towards personalized learning, the necessity to implement standards-based grading and reporting is critical. Business Consultants work with districts to understand what the current grading practices are and what changes need to be made to move toward standards-based grading and reporting.

This service begins with a discussion on how student level performance in the classroom is communicated to home and how teachers interact with standards in their instructional tools. Through this discovery process, the Business Consultant will build out the data structures within Infinite Campus to support district goals.

Fees and Delivery

Services are billed at $150/hour or $1,200/day for customers. Modes of delivery include, but are not limited to onsite visits, webinars and conference calls.