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Student Feeder

Reduce costs and save time.

Seamless student moves between feeder districts.

Reduce the costly process of importing feeder district data with the Campus Student Feeder. Implementing a standardized file layout, feeder districts can export data into a standardized format which can be imported by your district with a few simple steps.


  • Take advantage of the data managed by your feeder district to create a seamless student experience from elementary through high school.
  • Improve efficiency of staff and reduce costs by eliminating the transfer of paper-based documentation to support student moves between feeder districts.
  • Import data from Infinite Campus or third-party SIS systems eliminating errors from inconsistent or missing data.
  • Reduce cost and time required to data enter paper-based feeder data files and spend more time focusing on scheduling and counseling incoming students.

Key Functionality

  • Use standardized student file import and export format tools.
  • Format inbound data using customizable import mapping capabilities.
  • Save import maps for future use.
  • Import groups of students.
  • Utilize already familiar import mapping tools.
  • Identify quickly matched and potential duplicates.
  • Validate data imported with the included report.
  • Import preference-based student and state identification numbers.
  • State reporting elements can be brought in.