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Jones County School District

Infinite Campus maintains Jones County School District's data integrity.

Gray, Georgia
5,620 Students

Jones County School District (JCSD) was on another student information system (SIS) for less than a year when they realized the system could not help them meet their goals and objectives. JCSD needed to efficiently track the many activities that influence student achievement to make informed decisions. They needed an SIS that was fully integrated to save data-entry time, increase data integrity and provide easy access to reporting. Infinite Campus was chosen as the SIS best able to meet their needs.

JCSD’s previous vendor announced the end of life for the product, so they needed to find a new SIS. They selected another system, and after only ten months, they realized they were spending more time dealing with issues than making progress. “We felt we had to make yet another change in order to move forward,” said Vicki Rogers, JCSD Assistant Superintendent. “We really needed the Web-based functionality of Infinite Campus.”

Measuring student achievement and making sound administrative decisions to ensure student success requires reliable and accessible data. One of JCSD’s primary objectives in selecting a new SIS was monitoring all phases of student activity, from behaviors to extra-curricular participation, while creating efficient and reliable reports for any or all of the activities.

“Infinite Campus is the best solution to allow us to track and monitor student progress in all areas,” said Rogers. “We are able to customize Infinite Campus to track specific items for efficient analysis and better decision making.”

Most districts agree that state reporting can be a challenge. Today, with the built-in and ad hoc reporting functionality of Infinite Campus, reporting has become a comfortable part of routine administrative activity.

“Reporting with Campus is a cake walk compared to our previous experience. Where a report would have taken weeks to prepare, we are ready for sign-off 72 hours after the window is opened,” said Rogers. “Reporting tools are easier to use and we have information quicker. We laugh and say our data is ‘squeaky clean’ with Infinite Campus.”

When speaking about Infinite Campus, JCSD emphasizes the quality of the product, the customer and technical support, the ease of state reporting, the user-friendly application, and the fact that Infinite Campus maintains their data’s integrity.

“For any district wanting to maximize their dollar, Infinite Campus is definitely the answer, because it is a quality product,” said Rogers. “But also, the people at Infinite Campus KNOW the product and provide comprehensive support, as well as understanding our specific needs for state reporting. Even before we were Campus Customers, we viewed Infinite Campus as a product that could deliver on its promise.”

As JCSD completes its first year with Infinite Campus, the district is positive about what the future holds.

“Improved operations will save us time and resources,” said Rogers. “I believe we will be able to do even more with our data than we have done in the past. We will continue to benefit from the quality features of Infinite Campus including Campus Portal, Campus Grade Book and state reporting functions.”

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