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Districts large and small.

Our system will scale up or down to meet your changing enrollment needs.

Our multi-tier architecture, the first in the industry, provides a solution that eases the challenges associated with managing a growing student population, increasing stakeholder access, and the dynamics of district expansion and contraction.

Presentation Tier

The Web browser with which you login to Campus is part of the presentation tier. This allows us to support any device with Internet access. Our system consumes only a small amount of bandwidth through the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), Rich Internet Application techniques, and GZIP compres­sion, making our data transfer rate unbeatable.

Business Logic Tier

Our business logic/application tier is hosted on Java application servers running Apache Tomcat and Java. These servers are fast and linearly-scaled based upon the number of concurrent users needed to be supported. We implement a high-availability load balancer which distrib­utes user sessions across application servers.

Data Tier

Infinite Campus uses a Microsoft SQL Server relational database manage­ment system with data stored in highly-normalized tables. The data tier receives messages from the business logic tier and instructs the operating system to transfer the appropriate data. Campus customers benefit from greater overall database organization, elimination of redundant data, and improved quality and integrity of data.