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"We needed an SIS that was on the forefront..."

Kyle Flaherty, Director of Information Technology, Prescott School District, WI

Q&A with Kyle Flaherty, Director of Information Technology at Prescott School District

Kyle Flaherty shares how a fully integrated student information system improved daily operations and brought their district into the 21st century.

Kyle Flaherty, Director of Information Technology

Kyle Flaherty, Director of Information Technology

We selected Infinite Campus because we needed an SIS that was on the forefront of features and integrations. We needed to keep a school running with an SIS that required minimal staff members to keep it up to date.                     

What challenges did you face before using Infinite Campus SIS and what motivated you to solve them? 
We previously struggled integrating our SIS with the other systems needed to run a school. Those third-party systems for communication, online payments, testing results, responsive scheduling, and more required multiple hands and burdened small departments with upkeep and the skills needed for their operation.

If you were talking to a district using an outdated SIS that is lacking functionality and regular enhancements, what would you tell them?
You should switch for the single point of help and the rapid rate of updates. I cannot stress enough how helpful and useful both Campus Community and the help desk system have been in our operation. While we like to fix our own problems, we often hit a wall and Campus is always there to step in and help. The last year has really shown how quick Infinite Campus has evolved with the changes COVID has brought, and it has been a lifesaver.

How has Campus SIS improved your day-to-day? 
The Infinite Campus SIS has improved our day-to-day in too many ways to count. Recently, we’ve started using the Campus Workflow Suite and the ability for parents to submit attendance requests in the portal has been a lifesaver. It’s cut down on morning phone calls and made our already busy attendance clerks so happy. This, combined with Campus Scanning at our front desk has brought our secondary schools’ tardy and check-in system into the 21st century!

What are your favorite tools in Campus SIS that you didn't have in your previous SIS?
In our previous SIS, our messaging system was a separate product, so communicating to a specific group of students or parents was VERY difficult and time consuming. Having the messaging system integrated into Infinite Campus with the ability to utilize ad hocs and teachers’ classes has been something so simple but indispensable, we could never go back.

The last year has really shown how quick Infinite Campus has evolved with the changes COVID has brought.

Does Infinite Campus save the district dollars and/or staff resources? How? Why?
The time savings and the lessening demand on key areas of our support staff has been a lifesaver in workload hours.

How responsive has Infinite Campus been to your questions or concerns? What would you tell someone about our support?
Campus Support is the best. In Wisconsin we have WiRCC as our support arm, but it seamlessly works in tandem with Infinite Campus’ own top-notch support. Responses are quick, concise, and they always follow up to ensure the case has been solved!

What would you tell other schools/districts about the Infinite Campus SIS and integrated products/suites? About Infinite Campus the company?
I have the rare honor of complimenting this company from both sides. Out of college, I interned at Infinite Campus and was so impressed with the how much everyone enjoyed working there. It was always a buzzing hive of ideas and ingenuity. Now, as an IT Director, I get to enjoy the fruits of their labor from the other side. Infinite Campus is an amazingly simple-to-use SIS that can somehow maintain that ease while always evolving and changing.

How have you benefited from using a fully integrated SIS?
We’ve greatly benefited from the integrations Campus offers by collecting fees from start to finish, fully within Campus. We can choose a group or activity, use Campus Messenger to send a pre-built alert that a fee is due, then allow the parent to log into the portal, pay those fees right inside their portal, and alert our front office that the fee is paid, all without a single handwritten check or piece of correspondence.

Infinite Campus is an amazingly simple to- use SIS that can somehow maintain that ease while always evolving and changing.