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Acceptable file upload types

Here is a list of all file types that Infinite Campus allows for upload.

Certain Campus tools may be more restrictive in what is allowed for upload. Please be sure to check the Campus Knowledge base for more details.

Text Files


Microsoft Word Document


Microsoft Word Open XML Document


Log File


Outlook Mail Message


OpenOffice Text Document


Pages Document


Rich Text Format File


Plain Text File


WordPerfect Document


Microsoft Works Word Processor Document

Data Files


Comma Separated Values File


Data File


eFax Document


Open eBook File


Multi-Touch iBook


Keynote Presentation


Open office presentation


PowerPoint Slide Show


PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint Open XML Presentation


PowerPoint Slide Show



vCard File


XML File

Audio Files


Audio Interchange File Format


Interchange File Format


Media Playlist File


MPEG-4 Audio File




MP3 Audio File


MPEG-2 Audio File


Real Audio File


WAVE Audio File


Windows Media Audio File

3D Image Files


Rhino 3D Model


common 3D modeling format


3ds Max Scene File


Wavefront 3D Object File


Native image format of GIMP

Raster Image Files


Bitmap Image File


DirectDraw Surface


Digital Negative Image File


Graphical Interchange Format File


JPEG Image


Portable Network Graphic


Adobe Photoshop Document


PaintShop Pro Image


Tagged Image File

Vector Image Files


Adobe Illustrator File


Encapsulated PostScript File


PostScript File


Scalable Vector Graphics File

Page Layout Files


Adobe InDesign Document


Picture File


Portable Document Format File

Spreadsheet Files


Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet


OpenOffice Formula


Open Office spreadsheet


Works Spreadsheet


Excel Spreadsheet


Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet

Database Files


Access 2007 Database File


Database File


Database File




Microsoft Access Database


Open office database


Structured Query Language Data File

CAD Files


AutoCAD Drawing Database File


Drawing Exchange Format File


Blender Grafics File

Compressed Files


Mac OS X Installer Package


WinRAR Compressed Archive


Compressed Tarball File


Zipped File


Extended Zip File

Backup Files


Backup File


Temporary File

LMS Related


Promethean whiteboard users


Promethean whiteboard users


SMART whiteboards


The Geometer's Sketchpad