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Augusta County Public Schools

Augusta County Schools selected its legacy system in 2008 and used it to improve division-wide business practices.

10,500 students
Verona, Virginia

When Pearson bought the system in 2012 and announced its end-of life, Augusta invited seven vendors to give demonstrations. Based on the combination of stakeholder feedback and overall cost, Augusta selected Infinite Campus, a preferred vendor in Virginia.

The Perfect Fit
According to Frank Walters, Augusta’s Student Information System (SIS) Manager, Infinite Campus stood out early from the other vendors in terms of functionality and philosophy.

“No system had more bells and whistles and I didn’t see a better overall SIS than Infinite Campus,” said Walters. “And Charlie Kratsch (Infinite Campus Founder and CEO) sold me right away on his vision for how technology can transform education. He spoke on how districts can’t stay stuck in their old ways and need to adapt so they can use data to make better decisions. I knew Infinite Campus was the perfect fit for Augusta.”

Interested in Integration
Augusta previously had multiple systems for health, messaging, food service, and more. With Infinite Campus, the district looked forward to having a single solution.

“We knew we could put all the systems under one Campus umbrella and then we’d only have to input data once,” said Walters. “Infinite Campus has also eliminated the lag times we experienced for data extracts.”

Implementing a "Tough" Customer
For most divisions, just the thought of implementing a new SIS can be overwhelming. Augusta, however, embraced the opportunity and set a goal of maximizing Infinite Campus right from the start.

“We were a tough customer because we wanted all the data in our old system to be in Infinite Campus the first day we were up and running,” said Walters. “We wanted everything, households, relationships, you name it, brought over…and we wanted to have the most robust system as possible on day one.”

With years of implementation experience and a staff committed to customer service, Infinite Campus did not disappoint. “Our implementation went very well and we were pleased with the support from all the conversion people who went the extra mile to help us,” said Walters.

So Long Servers...and Worries
The division contracted with Infinite Campus for Cloud Choice Hosting, one of three available options, because it meant less stress without more expense.

“With a heavy workload and a small staff, taking hosting-related tasks off our schedule has freed up time for other projects,” said Walters. “We no longer have servers to maintain and Campus does all the backups and system updates so we no longer worry about those. Our downtime has been zero, with no complaints about speed or refresh time. Not only did we get a great SIS, we get it hosted for the same price as our old, in-house system.”

Launching a Portal
According to Walters, the division didn’t offer a portal when it hosted an SIS because it couldn’t afford industrial firewalls for the servers. With Infinite Campus handling hosting, Augusta safely launched a secure portal for students and parents to access data anytime, from anywhere.

“We rolled out the portal and parents and students love it. With easy access to real-time information, even with mobile apps, our users are more engaged in the education process.”

Best is Yet to Come
According to Walters, Augusta also looks forward to utilizing Online Registration, an optional Premium Product. In past years, registrars received paper forms from parents in August and were still entering data in December.

“Parents will soon register online and registrars will literally be able to click a button to move that electronic data without having to type it. This will improve data integrity and decrease the registrars workload tremendously.”

Fast, Friendly and Worth Recommending
“Infinite Campus delivered on everything that was promised and continues to provide fast and friendly service,” said Walters. “I have no problem recommending Infinite Campus.”

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