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Mentor Public Schools

Mentor needed a new system with updated technology that would connect district stakeholders.

Mentor, Ohio
7,900 Students

Mentor Public Schools, located on the coast of Lake Erie, serves 7,900 students. The district includes nine elementary schools, three middles schools, one high school and one specialized school for students with autism. For more than 10 years, Mentor had been using Pentamation as their student information system (SIS). As a large community, Mentor needed a new system with updated technology that would connect district stakeholders. In August 2007, Infinite Campus was chosen to fulfill this need.

One System
Infinite Campus was the first, truly Web-based SIS. Mentor saw this as an advantage. After implementing Infinite Campus, they quickly started using its Web-based features. Real-time information was available across the district which immediately increased school-to-home communication. In addition, Mentor maximized their investment by implementing a few Campus Premium Products including:

Campus Food Service
Mentor takes advantage of Campus Food Service, an optional premium product. Aside from improving cafeteria efficiencies, Campus Food Service gives Mentor’s parents and students immediate, secure access to cafeteria information via the Campus Portal.

According to Janis Orlando, Mentor Analyst and Database Administrator, “With the integration of the SIS and Campus Portal, student information is always up to date. Parents can see their students’ lunch accounts, daily food purchases and deposits.”

Additionally, Mentor eliminated transaction processing time with Campus Food Service Point of Sale (POS). The POS terminals use touch screen technology with a self-evident visual data entry screen.

“Our lunch lines move very quickly,” said Orlando. “As a student passes through the lunch line, they enter their PIN on the touchpad, and their photo ID, account information and meal information pop up our cashier’s screen.”

Infinite Campus University

Infinite Campus University (ICU) plays an important role in Mentor’s ongoing training for staff professional development. Authorized members can sign up for lunch and learn sessions, one-on-one training, webinars and more.

According to Orlando, “Webinar courses are a good place to learn everything you need to know. For example, in the spring there are courses for scheduling and end-of-year processes.”

Reliable Support
Both phone and online support are always available with Infinite Campus. With a 97 percent support satisfaction rating, calls are answered by a support team member within three rings. In addition, an extensive online support option, the Campus Community, is available 24/7.

““Comprehensive product information is available in the Campus Knowledge Base,” stated Orlando. “With the Campus User Forms, we can interact with other users to find solutions to common problems. And in the virtual video library, we can explore Campus product, tools and tasks.”

Campus User Group

We work with our customers to create local and regional user groups. User group membership typically consists of individuals who serve as leaders in product use and are willing to serve as mentors for other district users. An Ohio User Group was created for districts, including Mentor, to connect with other users in the area.

“Our Client Executive has been very helpful and organizes the Ohio User Group meetings twice a year,” explained Orlando. “It’s a good way to explore about what’s new in Campus, and to learn how other districts use the product.”

Continuous Development

Mentor appreciates the innovation of Infinite Campus. More than 130 in-house developers consistently work to add functionality, respond to changing educational needs, and overall improve its comprehensive SIS.

“Infinite Campus is always thinking ahead and moving forward in the SIS marketplace,” stated Orlando. “I know the most up-to-date technology is always available.”

Because of the monthly enhancements, Mentor will never have to re-implement a new system. They’ll use the same SIS from when they first implemented in 2007.

“Because Infinite Campus is easy to use and widely accepted among our staff, we’ve saved so much time. I’m confident that data is accurate,” stated Orlando. “I truly believe you get what you pay for. And with Infinite Campus, the benefits exceed the cost.”

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