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Berea City School District

Infinite Campus was chosen to give Berea the functionality and strategic vision it needs for today and tomorrow.

Berea, Ohio
7,200 Students

Berea City School District wanted to work with a company that provided the benefits of an integrated, Web-based student information system (SIS), offered a clear vision for the future, and demonstrated a track record of product stability. After a rigorous search, Infinite Campus was chosen to give Berea the functionality and strategic vision it needs for today and tomorrow.


Berea had previously been using ACE ADM 2000 for district data management. When ACE was acquired by another company, the future of Berea’s student data management was unclear. An information system that was accessible via the Web was a high priority for the district. The new parent company was reluctant to develop a Web-based interface.

Berea’s legacy system was extremely limited in its integration with the other systems in their enterprise. The only thing teachers could do directly with the legacy SIS was enter attendance and grades. Parents and students had no access at all. Berea added one LMS (learning management system) for elementary and another for middle and high school. Each of these systems provided a limited view of student demographics and progress. For more in-depth information about a particular student, the teacher had to make a special request to the building records secretary or call the board office.


When they started searching for other options to ACE, Berea reviewed a number of vendors. They were looking for an SIS that was good for today, but would be responsive to their needs for the future. After a thorough search, Berea chose Infinite Campus and never looked back. After the uncertainties of their legacy system, Berea appreciated the security of a solid company that produces what it promises and has the vision to take the district into the future.

“Infinite Campus integration is truly important. With Infinite Campus, secure information is available to teachers with a keystroke,” said Kevin Jaynes, Berea Technology Director. “Through the Campus Portal, our parents, teachers, and students are able to communicate with each other easily. Parents can monitor student progress and students can be aware of assignments. An integrated portal is an important feature for us.”

With the Campus Portal, secure information about students is readily available from any computer with Internet access. Parents and students can log in to the Campus Portal and have immediate access to grades, assignments, district, school and teacher communications. Parents become an integral part of their child’s education. Students take more responsibility for their learning. With increased parent and student awareness, a greater sense of stakeholder empowerment can lead to increased success for Berea students.


With the integrated functionality of Infinite Campus, Berea saves money that was previously wasted on redundant data management activity and inefficient communication. District resources are directed to increasing student achievement. With single-point data entry, reliable information is entered once and available throughout the district. The Campus Portal saves time and money on communication.

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