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Zeeland Public Schools

Infinite Campus provides Zeeland with a living solution to meet its data management needs.

Zeeland, Michigan

5,600 Students

Zeeland Public Schools has enjoyed the benefits of a Web-based, integrated student information system (SIS) as an Infinite Campus customer since 2004. They wanted improved reporting options, consistent and accessible data district-wide, and secure parent communications. Infinite Campus provided Zeeland with a living solution to meet its data management needs, with innovative technology for today and the vision to be prepared for tomorrow.

During its years with CIMS, Zeeland faced many of the difficulties inherent in an SIS that is not fully integrated. Without the benefits of integration that a single district-wide relational database provides, gathering and assembling data from separate databases for reports took a lot of time.

With Infinite Campus, data is entered once and used across the district with increased accuracy. The real-time information allows Zeeland to be proactive in keeping students on track and making long-range plans.

“As a true Web-based system, Infinite Campus gives us the flexibility to work across different platforms,” says Steve Braunius, Zeeland Director of Instructional Technology. “Infinite Campus gives us real-time data to all people who work with the students, including parents. We have the assurance that our information is accurate and up-to-date to make better informed decisions. We saw Infinite Campus as a forward-thinking company with a product that would evolve with our future needs.”

From state reporting to internal reports, data must be retrieved, assembled, and presented in an appropriate format. Infinite Campus provides reporting tools suitable for most district needs as well as ad hoc reporting functionality that is responsive and easy to use. Single point data entry and central warehousing mean that information is always easily accessible and reliable.

For state reporting, Infinite Campus provides Zeeland with a built-in Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) reporting interface for increased reporting efficiency. Changing reporting requirements at the state and federal level are monitored by a staff of professional analysts and updates to Zeeland’s SIS are made as needed to ensure timely reporting with no additional cost to the district.

“Campus Analysts know everything our state requires and keep us up to date,” says Barb VanGinhoven, Zeeland Student Data Coordinator. “The state is making changes all the time. We have no choice; we have to keep up. Now updates are made as requirements change. We are always ready for reporting.”

Over the years, Zeeland has enjoyed a variety of benefits with Infinite Campus. Accurate and timely state reporting saves the district time and ensures maximum funding. Teachers and administrators can work from home, increasing time spent with students. Real-time communication with parents engages community support for education and saves money spent on mailings and printing.

In a successful effort to continuously improve, Zeeland has developed a culture of change. Since the district implemented Infinite Campus in 2004, advances in technology have been regularly and seamlessly incorporated into the district SIS. Each advancement has increased efficiency in district operations and made data management at Zeeland easier.

District personnel now look forward to updates and recognize each change as a way to make their professional lives more effcient. “One thing we’ve really liked about Infinite Campus over the years is the idea of continual change,” says Braunius. “When a system only upgrades every three to five years, it is hard to adjust to change. But when you create a culture of change, it builds momentum. We have learned to share the progressive and forward thinking vision of Infinite Campus. That makes all the difference.”

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