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Campus Data Suite

Tools include: Data Validations, Data Change Tracker, and Data Access Tracker

Improve data visibility and integrity with tools that protect your district, staff, students, and parents.

The Campus Data Suite provides comprehensive tools for districts to validate data integrity, navigate ever-changing FERPA regulations, and audit data changes and data access to protect student information within Infinite Campus.

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Data Validations

The Data Validations tool allows districts to check for missing or invalid data within Infinite Campus. The tool enables users to create validation rules through ad hoc queries, SQL scripts, or SQL stored procedures, and group them together as necessary. These rules ensure that data is accurate and in line with district quality gates.

  • Receive a set of rules to find common data issues when Data Validations is enabled for your district.
  • Assign tool rights to a set of users that can implement validation groups.
  • Generate reports immediately or at scheduled times.
  • Reports will list each rule and the number of occurrences found, along with the severity.

Data Change Tracker

Data Change Tracker* allows districts to easily reconcile changes made within Campus SIS. It provides visibility to who made the changes, when they were made, and old/new values, date/time stamp and the name of the user who made the change.

*Already using Data Change Tracker? Your current pricing for Data Change Tracker will not change and you will retain your original months of rolling data.

  • Data is retained for 6 months (12 months of additional retention can be purchased at a time).
  • Capture changes made by any means, such as a stored procedure or SQL script.
  • Drill down to changes made to specific people, calendars, or schools.
  • Define which tables within Infinite Campus will be tracked.

Data Access Tracker

The Data Access Tracker provides principals, superintendents, and other appropriate staff members with the ability to audit and review information about all users. See who viewed one or more specific students' or users’ data, when they viewed the data, and what tools they used to view the data. Using this tool, district can monitor and protect personal, private, and sensitive user data by identifying exactly who is accessing information and determine its validity.

  • Review user/person-specific activities for a specific date range.
  • Data is retained for six months as part of the base purchase.
  • Additional data may be retained in yearly increments for an additional purchase.

We're excited to release the new Campus Data Suite which combines both data quality tools, like custom data validations and reporting, as well standardized tooling to identify specific data changes and even who has viewed data without making changes. Student data quality and privacy is critical in this day and age, we're committed to providing tools that make these administrative tasks easier.”

David Van Meter, Chief Product Officer, Premium Suites