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School District of Rhinelander

The School District of Rhinelander chose Infinite Campus to save time and resources.

2,500 students 
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

The School District of Rhinelander (SDR) serves about 2,500 students in northern Wisconsin. Frustrated with the amount of time and resources being wasted by their legacy student information system (SIS), the district began looking for a fully-integrated platform that would simplify data management. SDR selected Infinite Campus in 2015 and has since enjoyed streamlined functionality, significantly less redundant data entry and cost savings. 

Valuable Time and Resources
In 2014, Maggie Peterson was hired as the Director of Special Education and Pupil Services at SDR, a PowerSchool district. Having used Infinite Campus for the prior 10 years at nearby Northland Pines School District, Peterson immediately noticed a key difference between the systems: PowerSchool was not a single solution. SDR was using multiple third-party vendors for data management and the lack of integration meant excess time and resources were spent on administrative tasks.

“We were replicating data in three, sometimes even four different places,” said Peterson. “I knew there was a better system.” 

Unanimous Decision
Rhinelander conducted a thorough search for a new SIS and narrowed vendors down to two finalists: Infinite Campus and Skyward. After multiple demos for groups of stakeholders and end users, Infinite Campus was the clear winner. 


Infinite Campus was implemented in the summer of 2015. “Our trainings were thorough and overall, the implementation went very smooth. From our standpoint, it was easy to get up and running on Infinite Campus.”

Immediate Savings
The integrated features of Infinite Campus resulted in immediate cost savings to the district. Since PowerSchool SIS didn’t contain behavior tracking and special education tools, they had been purchased from third-party vendors. “We ended up eliminating both vendors since the functionalities are built into the core Infinite Campus product. That’s a savings of $15,000 annually.”

Brand Loyal
Peterson’s experience being a long-term Infinite Campus user in one district and having gone through a Campus implementation at another provides her with a unique perspective. “I’ll tell you why I’m brand loyal to Infinite Campus,” she said. “They’re very forward thinking. Some companies are only responsive to districts’ needs, but Infinite Campus is also looking forward and thinking about what’s next. They don’t just produce an educational product, they try to be innovative within the greater educational community and drive a long-term vision.”


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