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Dinwiddie County Public Schools

Within a few months, Dinwiddie realized a significant savings in time and resources.

Dinwiddie, Virginia
4,627 Students

As a SASI customer since 1999, Dinwiddie County Public Schools struggled with a student information system (SIS) that was inadequate for the needs of an expanding district. School-based segregated silos of information made data management inefficient and at high risk for error.

Infinite Campus was selected to provide a fully integrated, Web-based SIS with real-time access to meet information to district data management needs. Within a few months, Dinwiddie realized a significant savings in time and resources.

Without an integrated system, Dinwiddie’s resources were spread thin across separate schools. Technicians had to repeat a process six times or more whenever a change occurred. Because data was entered independently, the chance for error was high. Information at the schools was only available at the district level after overnight uploads. This delay meant that potential problems were unknown to district administrators for up to 24 hours.

In addition, Dinwiddie could only connect to information from within the school network. Unable to access assessments, grading, lesson planning and IEPs from a remote location, teachers, counselors and administrators were required to be present in the office or classroom to do their work.

“We had six different programs that functioned independently,” said Toni Wynn, Dinwiddie Assistant Director of Technology. “We wanted an integrated system with real-time access from any location with Internet.”

When the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) and Virginia Department of Education (DOE) awarded Infinite Campus with preferred vendor status, Dinwiddie chose Infinite Campus. “We considered everything that Infinite Campus brings to the table, not just the price,” says Timothy Ampy, Dinwiddie’s Director of Technology. “Our committee agreed that it was the best system to meet our needs.”

Infinite Campus brought Dinwiddie a full-featured SIS that includes special education, grade book, portal, customized reporting, assessment and state reporting. All members of the Dinwiddie academic and administrative team now have the ability to share accurate information, enabling collaboration for student success.

State reporting no longer requires gathering data from separate sources; accurate data is available for the entire district from a single database. The ability to produce customized reports reduces errors and miscommunications, providing savings for the district.

Infinite Campus is fully Web-based, allowing teachers to post grades and update student records from any location, at any time. The Campus Portal improves communication and collaboration between schools and parents. Infinite Campus makes student data accessible to all levels of support, including district administrators, school administrators, school staff, teachers and parents. For district administrators to parents, all stakeholders must be working together for their students. Team effort is successful when all members are well-informed. Aggregation of data from all sources enables staff to better evaluate student achievement. Administrators enjoy increased capability to make informed decisions based on reliable data.

When Dinwiddie became a Campus Customer, they got more than just a student information system. Infinite Campus provides training and support to keep staff up-to-date with initial and ongoing professional development. Dinwiddie works closely with a Campus Client Executive to personalize the relationship and get even more out of their investment. And Infinite Campus provides a product that supports Dinwiddie’s vision for the future.

The Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium (SVRTC) recognizes Dinwiddie as a state model for educational technology. With Infinite Campus, Dinwiddie decision makers see the benefits of superior technology for district data management.

Dinwiddie is realizing a positive ROI through more efficient uses of their resources. Redundant maintenance is eliminated and their staff is making more effective use of their time through the tools provided by Infinite Campus. The result is greater opportunity to track student progress and find ways to encourage student success.

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