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Princeton ISD

Princeton enjoys the benefits of a single, district-wide integrated database and a Web-based interface.

Princeton, Texas
3,000 Students

Princeton Independent School District, a rural school system northeast of Dallas, has managed the data of its 3,000 students with Infinite Campus since 2009. Princeton has been enjoying the benefits of a single, district-wide integrated database and a Web-based interface, features their former system did not offer. In addition, they have found their PEIMS reporting to be faster, easier and less complicated.

In 2009, Princeton’s legacy system was being end-of-lifed and they needed to select its replacement.

“The old hosting model was complex. Each school had its own server and we had to lug cds and flash drives all over the district to integrate the data,” remembered Jill Bennett, Princeton ISD Assistant Technology Director. “It was a LAN-based system that required a lot of time and effort to maintain.”

Princeton had also contended with a system that lacked integration. Bennett recalled, “In our old program, the grade books were separately installed on every teacher’s computer and moving the data around was time consuming, as was serving the teachers who didn’t understand how to handle the data.”

After careful research and much discussion, they selected Infinite Campus.

In short order the advantages of their new system became clear. “With the old system we had to manually apply updates to every server in every school in the district. Now, when the updates happen, we sometimes don’t even realize they’re happening, it’s just done. It’s magic,” said Bennett.

The broad range of features and application areas provided by Infinite Campus has impacted Princeton across their user base. “Campus serves our ELL needs by providing a Spanish version of the Portal. It allows many of our parents to access their kids’ data in their own language,” explained Bennett. “Campus has also been making things better for our health office and it lets teachers who need to know what health conditions their students are experiencing.”

As with all school districts in Texas, PEIMS reporting is a high priority for Princeton’s administrators and technology professionals. “We’re impressed by the PEIMS reporting. With a couple of clicks you have all the data extracted into a flat file and it takes only a matter of seconds,” said Tina Record, District PEIMS Coordinator and Infinite Campus Portal dministrator.

“I can do it at a higher level than just the school-- by Campus and even the whole district. It’s almost too easy, you just point and click and it’s there,” continued Prince. “With all of the predefined submission data requirements – it’s so easy – it extracts only the records you need for each of the submissions.”

Reporting doesn’t end with PEIMS, of course. “We also use the canned reports on a daily basis for attendance as well as scheduling. For example, the student gap scheduler report is an easy to run report and it helps locate and finish scheduling students. The request conflicts report is also useful,” said Prince. Bennett added, “The ad hoc reports let us create extracts easily containing the information some third party apps require and it does it in the formats they require.”

Since switching to Infinite Campus, Princeton has improved the quality of its data. “Our data is much cleaner than it was before. There aren’t as many errors because we have all the data in one place,” explained Jill Bennett. “We could see right away during data conversion that with our old program address formats had varied across schools. Now there’s consistency in both formatting and in the data values in a central database which all the schools use.”

Tina Record has also seen some changes since the switch to Campus. “As the PEIMS coordinator and in my day-to-day job, Campus has been a time saver,” she reported. “And for attendance and grades you can see everything. There’s more data available and it’s easier to get to.”

Beyond the product itself, Princeton has been pleased with the service they’ve received from Infinite Campus and our channel partner in Texas, XID. “I’ve put tickets in and always gotten a follow-up email back. Problems are addressed right away,” said Bennett. “When I’ve called the help desk at Infinite Campus I’ve spoken to a person who took the issue seriously. My problems have been solved by Infinite Campus or XID.”

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