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Covington Independent Public Schools

Covington Independent Public Schools moves on to bigger and better things.

4,300 Students
Covington, Kentucky

Unique, Accurate & Easy
Campus Online Registration has allowed CIPS to focus on tasks other than entering redundant census information. Staff no longer needs to build households for families. Online Registration automatically takes the census data that was entered on the application and builds a household. Parents now update and/or enter demographic, health provider, allergy, health conditions, emergency contact and student relationships, all from the convenience of their computer.

Campus Census and household structure is unique, accurate and easy. When CIPS used their paper and pencil process and a large group of students enrolled at the same time, student information did not get entered in a timely manner. Staff could only focus on the basics, getting the student in the system so they could participate in class. Campus Online Registration has changed this.

Goodbye Paper Processes
When asked what CIPS liked most about Campus Online Registration, they provided a thorough list:

• Parents can enroll student(s) in the comfort of their own home using the Campus Portal or at one of the kiosks located at each school

• Communication is fluid. All registration statuses are emailed to parents and guardians in real time, indicating when an application is approved, denied, on hold and what additional information is required to finish the enrollment

• Parents save time while the district saves money on printing costs

• Instant data entry into Campus Census once the student(s) application is approved

• No more guess work with hard-to-read penmanship

• It prevents duplicate data entry and entering data incorrectly

• Documents can be uploaded for address verification

In addition, CIPS can link custom forms or district policies and use the Process Message Inbox to notify key personnel of submitted registrations for students with special needs, homeless, address changes, English language learner or other high-priority categories.

Eliminate Inefficiencies
Campus Online Registration eliminates inefficiencies and weeks of processing time for CIPS. If you are looking for a powerful registration tool that is simple for parents and staff to use, Campus Online Registration does both.

“Infinite Campus is becoming the most popular student information system across the United States.  Campus is much more than a storage system for student data.  Campus is constantly adding new innovative features such as Academic Planning, Professional Development and Data Change Tracker to name a few.  Everything you need is in one system.  Having so many features in one system has saved our schools time and money,” said Sunny Collins, Administrative Assistant DDP at CIPS.

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