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Madison Local School District

With Infinite Campus Madison is working smarter, not harder.

Madison, Ohio
3,400 Students

Madison Local School District located in Northeast Ohio, had been using SASI for data management until learning about the functionality and vision of Infinite Campus. The Web-based student information system (SIS) offered by Infinite Campus gave Madison true integration with Campus Grade Book, Campus Scheduling, Campus Online Payments and much more. Streamlining their data management saves the district time and money.

During the years that Madison used SASI, limitations in functionality caused a variety of problems. Data management was not in real time. Teachers could not post grades online. Counselors were forced to create student schedules by hand and student input into scheduling was limited.

Additionally, reporting was cumbersome and time consuming. Communication with parents was limited to the outdated “phone tree” and mailings. A third party application was required for managing special education data. The management of fees and payments was a labor-intensive paper-based process.

With these challenges in mind, Madison searched for a new SIS solution. They chose Infinite Campus.

Madison has improved data analysis and decision making, using Infinite Campus technology, which has been Web-based and fully integrated from its inception. Single point data entry reduces errors caused by redundancy. Integrated data warehousing permits administrators, teachers and staff to access secure data from any computer with Internet access.

From homework assignments and comments to grades and assessments, teachers can post student information directly into the online grade book. Through the Campus Portal, teachers can communicate with parents, and parents can easily retrieve up-to-the-minute information about their students. In addition, students can submit assignments to their teacher via the portal.

Before implementing Infinite Campus, Madison counselors faced the labor-intensive task of creating student schedules manually by hand. With Campus Scheduling, hand scheduling is a thing of the past and counselors have more time to devote to student needs. Students can enter their schedule requests and counselors can review and make changes from anywhere via the Web.

Madison is using Campus Online Payments, a Campus Premium Product, for managing athletic fees, lab fees and other accounts which can be paid directly through the Campus Portal using a secure bank transfer or credit card. Madison no longer has to manage cash or checks. Without the need for mailed reminders, Online Payments saves time and resources.

Efficient communication through Campus Messenger with Voice means staff spend less time reaching parents with information varying from school closings to attendance problems.okOK This premium product also provides them with the tools to quickly and efficiently reach parents and staff during emergencies.

Madison’s IEP and other special education-related paperwork is reduced with Campus Special Education templates and formats included with Infinite Campus. With Campus Special Education Madison can eliminate their third-party system and take advantage of the benefits of enterprise-wide data integration and a single database.

Comprehensive state reporting tools, coupled with the ability to customize reports, gives Madison the power and insight it needs for success. “Our state reporting has been flawless,” says Assistant Superintendent Angela Smith. “Our Education Management Information System (EMIS) person works closely with Campus personnel. She says the reports are accurate and easy to submit.”

Infinite Campus integration means that all Madison stakeholders can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Administrators have information at their fingertips for decision making. Teachers can spend more time teaching. Counselors spend less time scheduling classes. Postage and paper are saved with Campus Messenger with Voice. Single point data entry eliminates redundancy and saves staff costs. As Madison utilizes more of the available functionality in Infinite Campus, efficiencies and ROI will increase.

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