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Oklahoma City Public Schools

The operational efficiency alone is worth a billion dollars...

Serving 46,000 students, Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) upgraded their text-based system to a modern data environment, Infinite Campus District Edition. Moving from a green screen legacy system, TERMS/CrossPointe, to a current interface was a significant improvement for the district.

OKCPS went live July 2016 after working closely with Campus training experts and project manager, Tim Fredin. “The training team and our project manager were outstanding,” said Eric Hileman, Executive Director, Information Technology Services. “The OKCPS implementation was a resounding success. It was an honor to work with such talented people and manage the implementation of the largest school district in Oklahoma,” said Fredin.

“Switch. You Gotta Do It!”
With a forward-thinking approach, continuous product innovation, and free enhancements, OKCPS have peace of mind knowing they are using the best educational technology in the industry. When Hileman was asked what he would say to other district using TERMS/CrossPointe, his answer was simple, “Switch. You gotta do it! You can’t do anything transformative in a modern data environment in a legacy system. This would be the best decision for a TERMS/CrossPointe, district moving forward.”

After using TERMS/CrossPointe for many years, Hileman has not only seen operational benefits from Campus, but benefits from a personnel perspective as well. “TERMS/CrossPointe is not a modern system for a modern workforce, it’s ancient. As users of an older system retire, finding employees to work in that kind of environment is much harder. From a resource management standpoint, moving to a modern system is huge, you’re not paying that premium for COBOL programmers.”  

“Worth a Billion Dollars”
Moving to a fully-integrated system with real-time access to data across the district has saved OKCPS both time and money. “Trying to find the number of third grade classrooms across my districts took me five minutes. This would have taken me hours in my legacy system. The operational efficiency alone is worth a billion dollars,” said Hileman.

Infinite Campus offers a full line of additional Premium Products for districts to maximize their investment. OKCPS chose to add Online Registration, Data Change Tracker, Data Health Check and Multi-language Editor. These optional products are fully-integrated with the core system so information is always up-to-date across the district.

“Wonderful” Real-time Access!
Infinite Campus offers an easy-to-use portal and mobile app. These tools provide parents/guardians and students with real-time access to grades, attendance, schedules, assignments, assessment scores and much more. Parents/guardians now have the ability to better understand, monitor, and participate in their child’s educational process. “The students are all over the mobile app. It’s wonderful!”

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