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Pryor Public Schools: Small District

PPS looked to the future and realized they needed a student information system (SIS).

100 students
Pryor, Montana

Selecting a New SIS
In January 2013, PPS attended a session about Infinite Campus at the Assessment and Data Conference hosted by the Montana OPI. According to Sam Bruner, Pryor Public Schools K-12 Principal, “The Superintendent and I really liked what we saw. The ability to create our own filters and have access to technical assistance at our convenience was an enormous benefit.” Infinite Campus provided a modern day, single solution that addressed outstanding data needs and lowered annual costs. PPS made the decision to switch to Infinite Campus and implemented at the start of the 2013-14 school year.

Creating Custom Ad Hoc Reporting
The integrated and specialized ad hoc reporting tool in Infinite Campus allows PPS to export custom reports. They can create static and dynamic lists of students and add functions to filters for optimal sorting. In addition, reports can be exported into various formats for stakeholder review.

PPS uses their Infinite Campus data to define, filter, format and deliver information required for instruction, accountability, communication, and other essential business processes. The intuitive wizard-style query interface and WYSIWYG report editor allows them to find patterns within their data, determine answers to critical questions, make informed decisions and communicate effectively.

“Infinite Campus allows us to create the reports we need quickly and efficiently,” stated Bruner. “We have the ability to test a variety of filters until we get exactly what we want.”

What pleases PPS the most is the fact that they can run the ad hoc filter to get the information where they want, when they want it. With PowerSchool, they had to wait for technical support to create filters, which oftentimes took a month or more.

Customized Training and Support
Aside from Ad Hoc Reporting, PPS appreciates the support they have received. “The online training and technical support for our less tech savvy staff helps them feel more comfortable with the product,” said Bruner. “Infinite Campus provides support for all users – both at the administrative and staff level. This support helps create a comfort level with Infinite Campus that surpassed my experience with PowerSchool.”

Both phone and online support are always available with Infinite Campus. With a 97 percent support satisfaction rating, calls are answered by a support team member within three rings.

An extensive online support option, the Campus Community, is available 24/7. There is comprehensive product information in the Campus Knowledge Base, and users can interact with other schools in the Campus User Forums.

PPS worked with Campus Trainers to help them create standards-based report cards at the elementary school. The trainers were helpful in providing examples, feedback and support and also assisted with setting up Pryor classes and Grade Books.

According to Bruner, “The amount of staff time saved and the efficiency we have added to our district is phenomenal.”

Using Data to Make Informed Decisions
Infinite Campus has helped PPS use their data to make informed decisions. They are able to run eligibility reports, submit state reports accurately and on time, and track a variety of student data points. “I can’t say enough about the Ad-Hoc reporting functionality and filters we use for our Title I and state reports,” said Bruner. “They have been invaluable to our district.”

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