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New Prague Area Schools

New Prague makes the switch to Infinite Campus.

New Prague, Minnesota
4,000 Students

New Prague, located in southern Minnesota, had been using their previous student information system (SIS) for more than a decade. When Web-based functionality was added to their system, it was not fully developed and had many glitches.

New Prague decided it was time to look for a new solution. Four SIS vendors were considered in the selection process. Up-to-date technology, reliable support options and a proven track record for success were all important factors. By the 2012-13 school year, they were up-and-running with Infinite Campus.

Web-based Functionality
Infinite Campus was the first, truly Web-based SIS. New Prague saw this as an advantage. After implementing Infinite Campus, they quickly started using its Web-based, fully-integrated features to get real-time information across the district. In addition, New Prague saw an immediate increase in school-to-home communication.

New Prague’s parents and students have easy access to grades, attendance, assignments, schedule information and much more via the Campus Portal. And from any Apple® iOS or Android® device, the same information can be accessed via the Campus Mobile Portal, an intuitive and user-friendly app. Users can enable ‘push notifications’ that automatically send alerts for grade, assignment and attendance changes.

“It’s much easier for teachers to post grades with Infinite Campus,” said Shawn Brandt, New Prague Director of Technology Integration. “And parents love the Campus Portal, too. It keeps them up-to-date on their student’s progress and upcoming activities.”

Integrated Products
Infinite Campus offers a full line of additional, option products for district to maximize their investment. New Prague chose to add Campus Messenger with Voice to their Infinite Campus SIS. This optional premium product can be used for routine or emergency notifications. Telephone numbers and email addresses are extracted from Campus in real time, and messages are distributed. Since it’s fully-integrated with the core system, contact information is always accurate.

“Campus Messenger with Voice is very helpful,” explained Brandt. “Authorized staff can send out messages from anywhere with an Internet connection – even a smartphone. It’s an efficient way to relay messages to parents and guardians.”

Scheduling Simplified
New Prague also benefits from Campus Scheduler 5.0, a flexible scheduling option. Using district-defined rules, New Prague’s office staff quickly and efficiently sets up schedules and possible variations in real time.

Scheduler 5.0 includes:

  • “Auto-build” a master schedule based on defined needs
  • Planning tools to facilitate the building logic
  • Mass updating tools for course information
  • Color coding to delineate between auto-built sections versus manually added sections

According to Brandt, “Right away, the Campus Scheduler was praised by our office staff. It saves them a tremendous amount of time.”

Reliable Support
If New Prague experiences an issue, both phone and online support are always available with Infinite Campus. With a 97 percent support satisfaction rating, calls are answered by a support team member within three rings.

An extensive online support option, the Campus Community, is available 24/7. In the Campus Knowledge Base, New Prague staff can find comprehensive product information. They can also use the Campus Forums to connect with other users to ask for help or share solutions to problems.

Infinite Campus has exceeded New Prague’s expectations. The product was built on a solid foundation and the company has a clear vision for the future. With the help of Infinite Campus, New Prague achieves its goals for today and tomorrow.

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