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Union Public Schools

Union Public Schools had been using a decade old student information system (SIS) that did not take advantage of technology innovations and was ultimately declared end of life.

Tulsa, Oklahmoa
15,500 Students

As a school district, effective communication with parents was on top of Union’s list of needs. They also required a robust scheduling tool, integrated teacher tools and real- time access to information. They were assured that with Infinite Campus they would have state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions to accomplish these needs. They also saw the Infinite Campus user interface was web-based, intuitive and easy to use.

Selection Process
A selection committee was formed to help identify essential features for choosing a new SIS. After investigating over 40 systems, a vast majority did not meet their basic requirements and were quickly eliminated.

“We determined that it was essential for our SIS to have an easy-to-use web interface that was accessible from any mobile device so parents and students can continually monitor student performance,” said Todd Borland, Union Public Schools Executive Director of Technology.

Through the selection process, the candidates were narrowed down to Infinite Campus and two others. Each vendor had the opportunity to demo how their product would satisfy district requirements. After a thorough review, Infinite Campus was selected.

Campus Portal and Access by Mobile Device
Union has greatly improved communication between parents and students with Infinite Campus. They can quickly access assignments, grades, attendance and more via the Campus Portal. The Portal provides them with real-time information as it is entered by teachers, counselors and staff and can be viewed from any Apple® iOS or Android® device through the Mobile Portal App. The app provides ‘push notifications’ that automatically alert users of grade, assignment and attendance changes.

Enhancing Functionality with Campus Online Registration
Union eliminated third-party applications by purchasing Campus Online Registration. This optional Premium Product enhances the functionality of the core SIS and saves the district time and money.

Parents are busy; time is valuable. Campus Online Registration enables parents to add or update their student’s demographic, health, primary and secondary household information, phone numbers and more. When an update is made parents will receive a confirmation email or status update. In addition, district staff can now run four different reports on applications and enrollment statuses.

“Online Registration will not only save our parents time enrolling their children, it will allow our enrollment staff to focus on welcoming students into the district, making the entire process much more pleasant. Parents no longer need to wait in long lines while staff hand enter information, the data is already in the system. Staff will only have to verify residency, making the entire process efficient and fluid,” said Borland.

Because it works seamlessly with the core SIS, Online Registration presents pre-populated screens to parents using Campus Census information. It also eliminates duplicate data entry by staff. It maintains the integrity of submitted household data through Campus Census verification by district staff prior to it being approved for use.

Continuous Innovation
Union appreciates the forward-thinking approach at Infinite Campus. More than 150 in-house developers work to add product functionality, respond to changing educational needs, and overall improve its comprehensive SIS.

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