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Shelton Public Schools

SPS needed an SIS that was user-friendly, could integrate with their data warehouse and offered the most functionality for the best price.

5,000 students
Shelton, Connecticut

Shelton Public Schools, located in eastern Fairfield County, Connecticut, needed a student information system (SIS) that was user-friendly, could integrate with their data warehouse and offered the most functionality for the best price. Previously, the district had been using SASI, which they found outdated and did not give them the capability to analyze their data. Shelton began the search for a new SIS that could address their specific data needs and offer them more value in a single product. They found that solution with Infinite Campus.

Selection Process
A selection committee consisting of key stakeholders was formed to review three vendors including PowerSchool, a local SIS and Infinite Campus. Committee members determined key features they desired in an SIS and asked each vendor to address whether or not they could provide those functions. Next, vendors were asked back for live demos. After factoring in cost and performance, Infinite Campus offered the most functionality for the best price and Shelton implemented the system in 2009.

Immediate Benefits
The ability to analyze and house data in a central location was an enormous benefit of choosing Infinite Campus. Ease-of-use and single point of entry were additional features that made Infinite Campus Shelton’s top choice. In addition, Shelton desired a scaffolding rollout and Infinite Campus offered that.

Meeting District Goals
“Our intent is to make Infinite Campus the central location for as much data and information as possible,” stated Daniel DiVito, Shelton Public Schools Director of Technology. “Having a central location for data decreases the amount of time staff needs to input information.”

Because district administration has worked successfully with Shelton’s technology team, direct communication occurs between the schools, the curriculum teams and the technology departments. “Everyone works together to streamline our processes and optimize the tools of Infinite Campus,” said DiVito.

According to Tina Henckel, Assistant Director of STEM, Shelton Public Schools, “All parties involved are very happy with Infinite Campus and the robust capabilities it has to offer. The main goal for us is to use our data on a daily basis to make informed decisions.”

Data-driven decision making is a top goal for Shelton Public Schools and Infinite Campus helps them achieve it.

Localized Service and Support
Infinite Campus Channel Partner, Custom Computer Specialists, based in Hauppauge, New York, provides training, service and support for Shelton.

“The team at Custom is fantastic. I know most of them by name and they return the favor. It is nice to be a name to them, and not just a number or one of many customers,” said DiVito.

From the initial trainings to the present, Custom staff has assisted Shelton with their needs.

Displaying Data with Tableau
Tableau is an optional product that enables Shelton to combine data from Infinite Campus (e.g. grades, attendance, demographics, test scores) and other common data sources (e.g. Excel, Access, SQL) into powerful, unified, Web-based data visualizations.

“Our district is heavily reliant on using data to make curriculum and district/building level decisions, as well as conduct staff evaluations. Tableau allows us to do this through easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and more,” stated Henckel.

Tableau allows Shelton to “picture” a vast assortment of student data and understand it as a unified whole.

Expanding their Investment with Premium Products

  • Campus Food Service and Point of Sale
    Districts using Campus Food Service significantly streamline cafeteria operations. Because it works seamlessly with the SIS, lunch lines move quickly, reports are submitted with ease and parents and students have real-time access to lunch account information via the Campus Portal and Mobile App. Additionally, Shelton eliminated transaction processing time with Campus Food Service point-of-sale (POS). The POS terminals use touch screen technology with a self-evident data entry screen.
  • Campus Messenger with Voice
    Messenger with Voice simplifies communication to parents, students and staff by delivering regular and emergency communications via email, phone and text messaging. When needed, large volume calls are immediately distributed in seconds, with assurance that the contact numbers are current.

All-encompassing Product
“Infinite Campus is an all-encompassing product that is more than just an SIS. The long-term plan of integrating the SIS with an LMS shows the vision the company has for education and that it understands the importance of the blended learning model moving forward,” said DiVito.

Shelton values the forward-thinking approach at Infinite Campus. More than 150 in-house developers work to add product functionality, at no additional cost, and respond to ever-changing educational needs.

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