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School District of Janesville

The time was right for change. The School District of Janesville (SDJ) wanted to upgrade their outdated student information system (SIS).

10,400 students
Janesville, Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin completed an extensive RFP process to compare competing vendors, searching for one with the richest feature set, lowest cost and greatest vision. Through this process, SDJ selected Infinite Campus, a modern day single solution that addressed outstanding data needs and lowered annual costs.

Transforming the Classroom
Superior state reporting, extensive functionality, and a vision for how technology can transform the classroom all led to SDJ’s decision to purchase Infinite Campus. In addition, the company’s vision of transforming the classroom using contemporary technology and access to accurate information set them apart from other vendors.

According to Dr. Robert Smiley, SDJ Chief Information Officer, “We chose Infinite Campus for its forward-thinking vision of what an SIS can mean for raising student achievement. We saw passion, purpose and focus that aligned with our vision for student success, staff productivity, and state and federal reporting. The company’s leadership has positioned their product and its features to reflect the way we live, work and teach today.”

SDJ values that Infinite Campus is a one-stop shop. All student data is in a single, centrally hosted database that is convenient, efficient, and available to users in real time.

“Infinite Campus is a comprehensive student data system. All the data teachers, administrators and other stakeholders need to make informed decisions is provided,” said Jennifer Erdmann, SDJ Data Specialist.

Maximizing their Investment

Taking full advantage of Infinite Campus as a single solution, SDJ purchased Campus Food Service, Campus Messenger with Voice, Campus Online Registration, Campus Online Payments and Multi-language Editor. This will eliminate the maintenance of several third-party systems, streamline data entry and ensure access to more accurate, real-time information.

Campus Food Service and Point of Sale
Districts using Campus Food Service significantly streamline cafeteria options. Because it works seamlessly with the SIS, lunch lines move quickly, reports are submitted with ease and parents and students have real-time access to lunch account information via the Campus Portal.

Additionally, SDJ eliminated transaction processing time with Campus Food Service Point of Sale (POS). The POS terminals use touch screen technology with a self-evident visual data entry screen.

Campus Messenger with Voice
In today’s uncertain times, Messenger with Voice is an essential addition to school management. It simplifies communication to parents, students and staff by delivering regular communications, such as attendance messages, via email, phone and text messaging. In an emergency, districts can immediately distribute a large volume of calls with assurance that contact information is up-to-date.

Campus Online Registration
Parents are busy; time is valuable. Campus Online Registration enables parents to add or update their student’s demographic, health, primary and secondary household information, phone numbers and more all online. No cumbersome forms to complete. No trips to the office to drop off paperwork. When an update is made parents receive a confirmation email or status update. In addition, district staff can now run four different reports on applications and enrollment statuses.

Campus Online Payments
Making payments online is more than a convenience; it is an expected practice by parents. Campus Online Payments is a secure electronic payment processing solution for both food service and fee transactions. SDJ quickly found that it eliminated cash handling, reduced lost checks, improved cash flow, created office efficiencies, and enhanced internal controls.

Campus Multi-language Editor
America is a melting pot of many cultures. Districts need to respond to changing demographics. The Multi-language Editor supports multiple languages when building custom reports for grading tasks, standards and courses. Communication with diverse stakeholders is increased by translating this information into their own languages.

Implementation and Go-live
To many districts, the thought of implementing a new SIS seems difficult. With Infinite Campus, experienced professionals ease the process so districts, like SDJ, are up and running quickly.

“I’ve been very impressed working with Infinite Campus. The implementation is well structured, flexible and scalable. The partnership between Infinite Campus and the Wisconsin Regional Computing Center (WiRCC) has been helpful. The WiRCC staff are knowledgeable trainers and helpful in problem-solving. Custom development and process consulting have helped us develop many aspects of the product including customizing report cards and Online Registration,” said Erdmann.

SDJ is scheduled to go-live on July 1, 2014. “Our first data pull was 96.5% accurate. We are currently completing the Census Verification updates and will have those finished by the end of the school year,” said Dr. Smiley.

Continuous Innovation
According to Erdmann, “I’ve been part of several Campus user groups in Wisconsin. The fact that Campus is represented at every meeting really lets you know they encourage customer input and are dedicated to continuous improvement. It’s not just about students but the whole infrastructure supporting student learning.”

SDJ appreciates the forward-thinking approach at Infinite Campus. More than 150 in-house developers work to add product functionality, respond to changing educational needs, and overall improve its comprehensive SIS.

“I am a visionary leader. I like what Campus has done and what is happening to move forward transforming classroom practice. I am particularly enamored with their vision for a Learning Management System (LMS), the development of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) modules, as well as the communication portals,” explained Dr. Smiley.

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