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Minocqua Joint School District

After using PowerSchool for seven years, Minocqua wanted a long-term, reliable company with a vision for the future.

582 students
Minocqua, Wisconsin

Minocqua Joint School district, located in North Central Wisconsin, is made up of one elementary school and two charter schools that serve 582 children in grades PreK-8. After using PowerSchool for seven years, Minocqua wanted a long-term, reliable company with a vision for the future. After receiving glowing reports from other districts about Infinite Campus, the student information system (SIS) was selected in the summer of 2013.

Immediate Solutions
Once moving to Infinite Campus, Minocqua knew they had selected an SIS designed for education, rather than one modified for education. Following the initial learning curve, employees found Campus was much easier to use when compared to their previous vendor. Campus has allowed the district to combine food service, SPED, and notification under one system.

“Infinite Campus offers an SIS right out of the box that is designed to make data accessible to those who need it,” said Jay Christgau, Minocqua Director of Technology. “This helps us make better decisions in school administration and student education.”

Premium Products
Minocqua eliminated third-party applications by purchasing both Campus Food Service and Campus Messenger with Voice. These optional Premium Products enhance the functionality of the core SIS and save the district time and money. Campus Food Service streamlines cafeteria operations for establishing individual or family food service accounts, tracking food purchases and designing flexible menu layouts. It improves the efficiency of all food service employees through two convenient point-of-sale options while simplifying reporting.

“Food Service has been great, easy-to-use and very stable,” said Christgau.

The district has significantly reduced processing time for low food service account balances. “This has saved our staff numerous hours per day,” explained Christgau.

Minocqua plans to use Messenger with Voice for automated attendance and low balance lunch account messages.

This added feature delivers regular, content-rich communications via email, phone or text messaging. It will allow Minocqua to immediately distribute a large volume of calls including emergency notifications to parents and students.

Minocqua experienced an organized and smooth transition to Infinite Campus over the summer. Even after their full-time office manager retired and left them short staffed, they were still ready to launch opening day.

“Given our situation, it is remarkable we were able to make as timely a transition as we did. Things could not have gone as well if we had been transitioning to another SIS, and I doubt we would have been ready for the first day of school,” said Christgau.

Infinite Campus has successfully implemented its comprehensive SIS for customers of all sizes. With a focus on the long term and vision of Transforming K12 Education, customers are assured their investment can and will adapt to new technologies as they become available.

Minocqua couldn’t be more pleased with their decision.

“When talking to Infinite Campus customers, you will find they like Campus better than any other system on the market. In other words, Infinite Campus is designed to be an efficient SIS, not modified to try to be an efficient SIS,” said Christgau.

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