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Cleveland Public School District

Cleveland chose Infinite Campus for its integrated functionality and time-saving features.


The Cleveland Public School District serves about 550 students in southern Minnesota. Frustrated with the lack of support from their legacy student information system (SIS), the district chose Infinite Campus in 2013 for its integrated functionality and time-saving features. 

Top-notch Support
As the district technology coordinator at Cleveland Public School District, Hunter Baker understands the importance of a quality SIS. Baker’s job requires him to address issues quickly and juggle many different tasks. 
Unfortunately, the district’s legacy system was from a small company that experienced high turnover and lacked sufficient support. “It was not ideal,” said Baker. “I would often be waiting to hear back from a support person.”

Cleveland selected Infinite Campus, whose award-winning support team holds a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate. Hunter immediately noticed an improvement: “I can definitely say the support I receive through Campus is much better. It’s top notch. It’s rare if I don’t have the issue resolved within 5 or 10 minutes of picking up the phone.” 

In addition, the district receives ongoing support and training from North Mankato-based South Central Service Cooperative (SCSC), a regional partner to Infinite Campus. The SCSC Infinite Campus Team has significant Minnesota school system experience, as well as a Campus certified trainer and support personnel on staff. 

Single Solution
Cleveland was using a third party for their messaging system, but really wanted something that would work with the data already in their SIS. After looking into Campus Messenger with Voice, the district realized it was budget friendly, reduced duplicate data entry and integrated into Campus’ core product. 

Campus Messenger with Voice not only works seamlessly with Campus SIS, it simplifies communications to staff, students and parents through an easy-to-use Web interface, both for routine and emergency calls. It allows districts to deliver content-rich communications via email, phone or text messaging. 

“We like that we have one platform where parents can update their contact info, we approve it, and then they start receiving alerts. It’s a really great resource to offer families,” said Baker. 

Another time-saving feature the district enjoys is the ability to customize reports. “I’m a huge fan of the ad hoc queries. And teachers appreciate that now they can generate some reports instead of asking the main office to do it for them,” said Baker.

Satisfied Users
Positive feedback followed the district’s go-live. “People are coming to me and letting me know things work, and not just that they work, but they’re working well. There’s a lot of good feedback in general.” Baker said the reviews are unique, as well: “This is the first time working in education technology that I’ve ever had a parent or student call an SIS ‘cool,’ ‘interesting’ and ‘neat.’”


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