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Ashland Independent School District

Ashland adds Campus Food Service

3,100 students
Ashland, Kentucky

Limited Legacy System
Allison Ketter recently joined Ashland Independent School District as its food service director. One of her first tasks at Ashland was to replace the district’s legacy food service application, LunchBox.

While Ashland had used LunchBox for 10 years, Ketter looks to Infinite Campus to keep the product updated while providing superior reporting and data functionality.

Easy Implementations
There are many reasons Ashland selected Campus Food Service as a replacement for LunchBox. First, Campus Food Service would easily integrate with Campus SIS to eliminate any extraneous data entry and transfers required with a standalone, third-party application. Secondly, the Iowa district in which Ketter previously worked used Campus Food Service. She was aware of its many advanced features and very confident in the support she’d receive from Infinite Campus during implementation.

“I have now worked in two districts that chose Infinite Campus and both times I have managed the process of replacing the old system; it’s very easy to do. Infinite Campus is with you all the way through it and continues with support thereafter. I always received the help I needed when I needed it,” said Ketter.

Loving Campus Food Service
According to Ketter, the integration of Campus Food Service with the student data and reports available within Campus SIS has saved valuable staff time.

“Staff love the fact they only have to enter the student in one place,” said Ketter. “The big thing for me is that all the information I need is in one system. I can check the point-of-sale (POS) and student balances, get all my reports, and do my claims in one system.”

Using separate systems for the SIS and POS requires extra effort when rolling data forward for the next calendar.

Parents See the Benefits
Campus Food Service provides parents with valuable information that’s very easy to access. With one login, parents can view food purchases, money spent, and account balances through the Campus Portal and Mobile Portal App. By monitoring their student’s food purchases, parents have the opportunity to promote healthy eating.

“Parents like the fact there is one place to go for information,” said Ketter.

FRAM Saves Time
Free and Reduced Application Management (FRAM) is included with the Campus core SIS. It uses data already stored in the database and gives immediate results when processing applications.

“I am more than happy with our decision to migrate from LunchBox to Campus. As a matter of fact I wish we had moved forward with the conversion sooner. This is the first year that I have not had to waste hours of my time cleaning up free and reduced lunch data,” said Cary Williams, Director of Instructional Technology.

With FRAM, students get a free, reduced or paid meal status while ensuring data confidentiality in the cafeteria.

Accessible, Accurate Data
Campus Food Service has enabled Ashland to improve its cafeteria management. Ashland stakeholders now have easy access to accurate food service information.

“I recommend that other Infinite Campus customers add Food Service so their cafeteria operations are integrated with their SIS,” said Ketter. “We’re saving time since our information is in one system and we’re very happy with the additional functionality as compared to our prior system.”

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