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Dike-New Hartford Community School District

Dike-New Hartford (DNH) Community School District, located 10 miles west of Cedar Falls, Ia., needed to upgrade its seven-year-old student information system (SIS).

Dike, Iowa
850 students

The district was looking for a Web-based solution that embraced mobility and offered mobile apps. Several large neighboring districts were already using Infinite Campus, so the decision to move felt natural. Without having to consider many other vendors, the decision to move was an easy one. DNH implemented Infinite Campus in the fall of 2013.

Implementation Process
To many districts, the thought of implementing a new SIS seems like an unmanageable task. With Infinite Campus, experienced professionals ease the process so districts, like DNH, are up and running quickly. Infinite Campus and its channel partner, Computer Information Concepts (CIC), managed DNH’s transition using the most effective Product Implementation Methodology for project management, data conversion, training, customer development and application hosting.

“CIC did an excellent job preparing our district for the 2013-14 school year,” said Jeremiah Lehr, DNH Technology Coordinator. “There were long days prior to the first day of school, but it paid off in the end.”

On the first day of school student schedules were accurate, lunch lines ran smoothly and administrative staff felt comfortable using the product. “CIC went above and beyond the call of duty during implementation creating a positive experience for all involved,” said Lehr.

Real-time Information
Infinite Campus is completely Web-based, so parents and students can easily access grades, attendance, assignments and scheduling information through the Campus Portal. The Portal provides real-time information as it is entered by teachers, counselors and staff.

The Campus Mobile Portal App has been a favorite feature for DNH parents. According to Lehr, “As a parent of three students in the district myself, I know at any time how they are doing. Parents appreciate the quick access to student information, especially the ability to view lunch balances.”

The intuitive and user-friendly Mobile Portal App can be downloaded from any Apple® iOS or Android® device. Users can enable ‘push notifications’ to automatically receive alerts for grade, assignment and attendance changes. Since many parents already have smartphones, it made sense for DNH to choose an SIS that provided them with real-time student data.

Campus Food Service
DNH expanded their investment by implementing Campus Food Service with point-of-sale (POS) equipment options. This optional Premium Product improves food service efficiencies and streamlines cafeteria operations.

“Food Service is an impressive product. We added the barcode scanner and key pad which is far more efficient than our previous method. We have eliminated the need for students to hand key their four digit pins. Students have an ID with a barcode that gets scanned and if they forget their ID, they can use the key pad as a back-up,” stated Lehr.

Student Data Repository
DNH now has access to a single repository for student data like the Iowa assessment scores, Northwest Evaluation Assessment (NWEA) scores, formative and summative scores, attendance, behavior and more. “We wanted one place staff could go to get all the information they need to make informed decisions about a particular student,” said Lehr. “This is now possible with Infinite Campus.”

Continuous Innovation
DNH appreciates the forward-thinking approach at Infinite Campus. More than 130 in-house developers work to add product functionality, respond to changing educational needs, and overall improve its comprehensive SIS.

“Migration to a new SIS is challenging no matter the size of the district. It’s new people, processes and tools for all stakeholders. CIC and Infinite Campus made the transition a smooth one. I would certainly recommend Infinite Campus to other districts considering a new SIS,” said Lehr.

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