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Barrington School District

Barrinton chose Infinite Campus for its consistency, stability and cost savings.


Barrington School District serves more than 9,000 students about 35 miles northwest of Chicago. The district was using a homegrown student information system (SIS) that was tailored for high school, but they needed something to serve all K-12 students. June Nilles, Director of Student Information, was hired in 2013 to help implement Infinite Campus District Edition because of its scalability. Nilles said, “Campus serves us well, regardless of the building level.” 

Dependable Product
Now having used Infinite Campus SIS for a few years, Nilles values the consistency and stability. Since starting the company in 1993, founder and CEO Charlie Kratsch still leads Infinite Campus today. “I also enjoy the structured rollout of enhancements,” Nilles said. “I like knowing what’s coming, before it comes, and being able to plan and take advantage of it.”

Saving Resources
The district has been able to drop third-party systems they were using with their prior SIS. “It’s made a big difference in how we streamline the workflow in our district,” Nilles said. “We love the integration with Food Service (a Premium Product), and how it improves efficiencies in our cafeteria operations.”

The Infinite Campus SIS uses a Microsoft SQL Server, which provides the district greater overall database organization, elimination of redundant data, and improved quality and integrity of data. Barrington’s in-house SQL programmer can connect Infinite Campus to their transportation system, library system, emergency data, etc. “Everything comes from Infinite Campus,” Nilles said.

Infinite Campus has helped the school’s administrative office save resources as well: “We’ve pretty much gotten rid of every piece of paper that we’ve asked a parent to sign. We’ve gone paperless.”

Using Online Registration (a Premium Product) to register new and existing students has been the biggest cost-savings. “With Online Registration, we’ve gone paperless and save $80,000-$100,000 a year by reducing paper and temporary hires,” Nilles said.

Keeping Parents Involved
Barrington parents have enjoyed using the Campus Mobile Portal, which provides access to their student’s grades, attendance, schedule information and teacher communications. Secure information about students is readily available from any computer or phone with Internet access.


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