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Independent School District of Boise City

Administrators enjoy single point data entry and teachers, counselors, administrators, parents and students all have real time access to information.

Boise, Idaho
25,000 Students

The Independent School District of Boise City serves over 25,000 students in the capital city of Idaho. In 2007, Dr. Steve Tyree, chief information officer (CIO), directed the search to replace its various freestanding data management programs. Infinite Campus was chosen to help Boise City schools move into the 21st century of student management process and software.

Boise was looking for a student information system (SIS) that could eliminate paper grade books, achieve consistent data entry, increase accountability and engage parents through electronic communication in real time.

The district’s previous system used four to five different systems to do the kinds of things that are standard within Infinite Campus. For example, teachers had used a variety of grade book entry tools that were inconsistent and had very little, if any, connection to parents.

“We were looking for a single database system accessible via the Web to replace our aging SASIxp system,” said Tyree. “We wanted a integrated package that included a grade book and parent portal. The ability to track, report, analyze and communicate student assessments was also important.”

After evaluating functionality and cost, Infinite Campus was chosen to serve Boise’s sixty sites. According to Tyree, “Infinite Campus was obviously built as a Web-based application from the beginning. It is totally integrated and shows what we thought was the best industry model when compared to the others we considered.”

Using Infinite Campus, administrators enjoy single point data entry and teachers, counselors, administrators, parents and students all have real time access to information.

Teachers can enter assignments, grades, assessment information and progress within standards-based or traditional grading parameters from school or home at their convenience. Access to the system by teachers, students and parents through the Campus Portal has been a major plus of the Infinite Campus transition.

“We thought the Campus Portal was the best by far,” said Tyree. “Parents absolutely love it,” said Tyree. “We’re in the process of restructuring our district strategic plan, and in the parent comment section, several parents stated how much they appreciate having consistent, ongoing and timely information about their student.”

Infinite Campus provides Boise administrators with built-in state reporting capabilities and works with the district to customize state reporting to meet Idaho requirements.

According to Tyree, “After making some adjustments to our internal business practices, state reporting went well. Infinite Campus is working just fine and is doing everything it is supposed to do. We push a button and out comes the data. We’re very excited about our next state reporting period.”

The fact that information is transparent to parents is changing how the district manages data. “It brings a higher level of accountability to administrators and teachers to enter information accurately and in a timely manner,” said Tyree.

“One of the things we love about Infinite Campus is that it’s seamless,” said Tyree. “None of the components are forced to fit together – rather they were made to work together. We feel Infinite Campus is providing us with a long term, modern, integrated and comprehensive solution. We are getting more from our investment in Infinite Campus than we would have with anyone else.”

Having a truly integrated system, as well as the personalized support and services that Infinite Campus provides, will help Boise City accomplish its educational goals today and for years to come.

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