Morgan County School District Re-3

Since 2006, Morgan County has seen a great return on investment with Infinite Campus.

Fort Morgan, Colorado
3,200 Students

During the early 2000s, technological innovations for K12 education were rapidly evolving. Morgan County School District Re-3 had been using the outdated technology of SASIxp. The system lacked true integration which cost the district staff valuable time. After seven years of use, it was time for a change. In 2006, Morgan County chose to upgrade to Infinite Campus for its fully-integrated, Web-based capabilities.

Morgan County‘s previous system was not Web-based. Staff could only access the system from inside school walls. According to Melinda Trickey, Morgan County Database Administrator, “Each school was a separate entity. There was no cross-communication between schools. Student information had to be entered multiple times, so data was not always accurate.”

Both the district’s grade book and parent portal were third-party systems. Integration did not exist. “Our grade book was a stand-alone product. Teachers had to manually import and export student’s grades for report cards,” remembered Trickey. “Since the system was not integrated or Web-based, grades had to be entered every night after school. Grades were not in real time which was frustrating for both teachers and parents.”

Additionally, Morgan County had to build their own queries to perform extracts for state reporting. “Sometimes we even had to hire a third-party professional to assist with the extract of data,” said Trickey. “It was complicated and not efficient.”

Morgan County was ready to get up-to-speed with new technologies for the K12 market. “We heard about Infinite Campus through other Colorado districts. They all had great success with the system,” said Trickey. “By the beginning of the 2006-07 school year, we were completely converted to Infinite Campus.”

Morgan County saw instant results with Infinite Campus. Both the Campus Grade Book and the Campus Portal are fully integrated, so unnecessary third-party systems were eliminated.

“Since we’re now completely Web-based, teachers can enter grades from the comfort of their home,” explained Trickey. “Parents can access student’s grades in real time through the Campus Portal. This is a huge advantage”

With the Campus Portal, stakeholders have immediate access to grades, attendance, assignments, schedule information and much more. And now with an Apple® iOS or Android® device, the same information can be accessed through the Campus Mobile Portal — a newly-designed, intuitive app.

Morgan County began using Campus Special Education when they first implemented Infinite Campus. The district can track, monitor and report students’ progress information in real time and provide individualized instruction for them. The individual education plans (IEPs) store a large variety of data and forms.

According to Trickey, “Infinite Campus ensures all forms comply with federal and state mandates. The integration between the IEPs and state reporting has made our data more reliable and accurate in our reports.”

Computer Information Concepts, Inc. (CIC) is the Infinite Campus Channel Partner serving customers in several states, including Colorado. CIC works with Morgan County to provide the best localized service and support possible.

“We are so pleased with support, both from Infinite Campus and CIC. When I have an issue or a question, CIC has provided very helpful support for our district,” stated Trickey.

Since 2006, Morgan County has seen a great return on investment (ROI) with Infinite Campus. “We have saved a huge amount of time,” said Trickey. “We never need to enter the same information twice. Data is entered once and used across the district.”

School-to-home communication has increased dramatically. “The ability to check student information on the Campus Portal has been huge for parents and students,” explained Trickey. “Parents frequently contact staff and teachers about portal information. This has improved parent participation, which contributes to student success.”
Overall, Morgan County has had a wonderful experience since implementing Infinite Campus. According to Trickey, “Both as a company and a product, Infinite Campus was built on a solid foundation. We know Infinite Campus is taking advantage of the newest technologies from the continual upgrades and updates to the system.”

Both as a company and a product, Infinite Campus was built on a solid foundation.
Melinda Trickey
Database Administrator
Morgan County School District Re-3
Fort Morgan, Colorado