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Infinite Campus Announces Framework for Teaching (FFT) Enhancement to Staff Evaluation

September 28, 2021 – Blaine, Minn. – Infinite Campus announces the latest enhancement to Campus Staff Evaluation, the partnership with The Danielson Group. With the Framework for Teaching (FFT) from The Danielson Group now incorporated with Staff Evaluations, users are able to easily import the common language for teachers that contributes to professional growth. The Campus Staff Evaluation import will convert the FFT Domains, Components, Elements and Levels of Performance into the Campus Staff Evaluation Categories, Elements, Sub-elements and Rating Scales. This will reduce manual entry and maintenance.

Campus Staff Evaluations expands the capacity of Infinite Campus student information system (SIS) customers by providing additional tools for staff performance evaluations.

Staff Evaluations gives districts an administrative tool for setting up standards, ratings and evaluation templates when creating evaluations and observations. It also gives them the opportunity to present completed evaluations to staff and managers, while keeping historical records. Copy, upload and download features allow for easy updating and creation of evaluations from year-to-year.

“Staff Evaluations enhances the value of Campus SIS and Campus HR. Our new partnership with The Danielson Group makes this tool more efficient and user-friendly for districts using the nationally recognized rubric. Campus Staff Evaluations improves staff performance evaluation processing and efficiency by eliminating manual processes, providing access to information, and ease of usability,” said Holly Pedersen, Infinite Campus Product Manager.

For more information or to schedule an online demo contact (800) 850-2335 or sales@infinitecampus.com.

About Infinite Campus
As the most trusted name in student information, Infinite Campus manages 8 million students in 45 states through schools, school districts, regional consortia, state departments of education and the federal government. Since our founding in 1993, our mission has been to Transform K12 Education®. We are dedicated to providing solutions that help schools run more efficiently, allow teachers to spend more time with students, and encourage students to rediscover the joy of learning. www.infinitecampus.com

About The Danielson Group
The Danielson Group is passionate about supporting teacher inquiry and innovation to elevate student learning and development. Their mission is to create a just and flourishing society by promoting teaching that is joyful, humanizing, and focused on equity. They believe in education for the development of identity, intellect, and character, and in professional learning that honors the power, wisdom, and moral leadership of teachers. danielsongroup.org

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