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Working at Infinite Campus

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• March 15, 2016

Some people are lucky enough to find a job that has meaning beyond a paycheck and involves work that is both interesting and important. These jobs offer a sense of actual purpose and the opportunity to work with other people who feel the same way. Unfortunately these types of jobs are hard to come by but, I’m going to let you in on a secret, you can find jobs with meaning at Infinite Campus.

What makes Infinite Campus different? We don’t have a ping-pong table. If you ever see a company touting an office ping-pong table prominently on their website you should proceed with caution. Workplaces that focus on ping-pong tables and other similar “perks” want you to think they’re fun places to work. However, what a prominent ping-pong table actually means is that a company doesn’t have much else to tell you about their business. Are they successful and stable? What kind of people work there? Are they achieving their goals? Do people value their work? Who knows! Not the company because if they did, they would be telling you about it and not focusing on ping-pong.

So yes, Infinite Campus doesn’t have any table-based games at all. What we do have is a culture where smart, talented people work with other smart and talented people every day. It’s an environment where people take pride in their craft knowing that what they work on will be used by millions of teachers, students, parents and school administrators tomorrow. It’s a place that does serious work but doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s the kind of company where people actually have careers, not just a job.