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Modernize Your Hall Pass Procedures: Campus Workflow Suite

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• February 26, 2024

Minimizing learning distractions and keeping the flow of the school day running smooth are priorities of all teachers and school personnel. We are excited to announce a new tool has launched within the Infinite Campus Workflow Suite to meet these desires: Hall Pass.

Hall Pass will allow teachers and building administrators to issue location-specific passes to students, while also determining the duration of time the pass is active. Hall Pass allows digital passes to be accessible through Campus Student Mobile App. This not only reduces paper, but also makes it easy for students to request and carry their passes. 

Some top tool features include:

  • School-Based: Hall passes can be unique and different between all buildings within the district. 
  • Security: Know where in the building students are at all times.
  • Verification: Teachers and hall monitors can track which students have permission to be out of class via a digital record. 
  • Durations & Limits: Within a classroom, teachers can set a limit on how many students can request a specific pass at one time. They also can choose a time duration/limit where the pass is active. 
  • Groups: Specific room passes can be made available only to students in the vicinity of that location. For example, students currently in class on the first floor can only request a restroom pass for a restroom on that floor. Limits can help keep students accountable. 
  • Emergency Response: In case of an emergency, the digital hall passes can help determine where each student is within the building for safety. 
  • Hall Pass Restricted Student Groups: Create groups for students who should not have contact with each other in the hallway. This prevents teachers and students from requesting or issuing hall passes to others in the same group.
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