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Seven Things That Drive Infinite Campus Innovation

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• March 27, 2024

Infinite Campus is the number one trending student information system in United States. One of the main reasons: a heavy focus on innovation. With customer-driven development teams, Campus is dedicated to providing customers with 13 new releases annually that include hundreds of new tools and enhancements.

Each and every product developed is built to last while also providing needed modernization districts need. Check out the seven key factors that drive innovation at Infinite Campus.

  1. Customer Feedback: District feedback is funneled directly to our development teams to be evaluated. No request is too big or small…we consider all.
  2. Educational Background: Infinite Campus personnel include dozens of former teachers, administrators, counselors, principals, technology directors/IT staff. We take direct experience in a classroom and district office and apply it to our everyday practices.
  3. Testing Ideas/Focus Groups: Some ideas are good, but we are focused on making them great. We work with customers across the country to ensure enhancements exceed district expectations.
  4. R&D Company Culture: We are a mission-driven company focused on improving K12 processes. This allows us to continuously re-invest in our products and services.
  5. Agile Development Structure: The foundational structure allows us to be responsive to the changing needs of districts. We are set up to pivot and respond quickly.
  6. 250+ In-house Developers: Hundreds of new tools and product enhancements are delivered every year based on educational trends, needs, and customer requests.
  7. Low Development Turnover: Our developers choose to work at Infinite Campus because they enjoy each other, they believe in the mission, and they get personal value in helping to make a meaningful change in education. With tenure comes a natural, deeper understanding of our customers, which increases the quality and impacts of our products.