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A Campus Learning Q&A With Teachers Andrea Kochis and Ashley Lynne

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• December 13, 2022

We caught up with middle school math teacher Andrea Kochis (James Irwin Charter Schools; Colorado Springs, CO) and high school math teacher Ashley Lynne (Menahga Public Schools; Menahga, MN) to hear about their experience using the Campus Learning Suite. Read below what they had to say!

What do you like best about Campus Learning Suite?

Andrea: I love the check-in aspect. I can see how my students are doing each day and how they felt about the lesson from that day.
Ashley: It’s a huge time saver. I no longer need to worry about having a place to plan out my lessons or store content for those lessons. I upload it all to the Campus Learning Suite.

How does the Campus Learning Suite contribute to student success?

Andrea: Campus Learning Suite puts everything right at their fingertips! I love that my students can check their own grades, progress, and assignments. They are able to take control of their own education.
Ashley: Students are able to stay caught up in classes when they are absent for trips, school activities, illness, etc. They find it very easy to access content, as if they were in class.

How does Campus Learning Suite impact your day as a teacher?

Andrea: I have everything I need in one place. I am able to communicate, create check-ins, discussions, and grade, all in one place.
Ashley: I have the ability to put all my lessons together in one place, which streamlines processes when a student is absent.

We are using Campus Learning Suite as our LMS because...

Andrea: We can utilize many different tools and not have to use a third-party system to complete all responsibilities to best help our students.
Ashley: It is a great central location for teachers, students, and parents. Everyone has a common place to find what they need. For example, parents can see their student’s missing work and pull up the assignment directly, students can easily navigate and submit assignments, and teachers can easily manage missing assignments.

I would recommend Infinite Campus Learning Suite because...

Andrea: Not only does it have everything in one place, but there are many different training videos to help make Infinite Campus even more effective. We get the support to help us be the most effective in all aspects of an LMS.
Ashley: It helps teachers stay organized and streamlines time management. It’s a great system for teachers to share resources…you can create and upload your own documents, and once something has been created, various teachers can access it. It is like teachers-pay-teachers… without the pay part.