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5 Things That Made Us Smarter This Week

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• February 19, 2016

Here are five stories at the crossroads of education and technology we find interesting. Enjoy!

Report Examines School Internet Connectivity State by State

Classroom technology is great but a strong internet connection might be even better. Via THE Journal, this article examines the current state of internet access in schools. The good news: we’re making great progress towards the 100kb per student goal. The bad news: the goal posts are moving and 100kb per might not be enough.

Does Common Core Hurt Introverted Students?

Keep the needs of introverts in mind is the message from this District Administration article. Common Core’s focus on group work is not inherently designed for the introverted work style.

Engage Kids with Coding by Letting Them Design, Create, and Tell Stories

Some practical advice on teaching coding to kids. This Mind/Shift blog post suggests letting kids create their own projects and giving them more time in a coding sandbox versus a more top-down pedagogical approach.

US High School Graduation Rate Reaches All-Time High

Here’s some good news. The most recent data on high school graduation shows that the national graduation rate has reached an all-time high of 82%. This data also indicated that the US was on track to reach the 90% graduation rate goal by 2020.

These Charter Schools Tried to Turn Public Education Into Big Business. They Failed.

What happened to the for-profit charter school boom of the previous decade? A lot according to this Slate article. Follow the path of different state requirements, varying student needs and an ever shifting national education policy. Also addressed: should education be a big business at all?

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