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5 Things That Made Us Smarter This Week

Andrew Johnson • December 8, 2015

The Digital Writing Process

Via Edutopia this article looks at the ever evolving meaning of “writing” in the digital age. How do students sort through the endless sea of information that is the web? What does writing even look like any more (hint: not this or this).

How Teachers and Entrepreneurs Should Think About Education Technology

The strange truth about education is that it actually isn’t complex enough. It’s impossible for any human teacher to provide personalized learning for a classroom of students. Jordan Shapiro’s article explains why.

What Can Be Done To Improve Parent-Teacher Communication?

From the ever fascinating Mind/Shift blog, comes an article discussing some of the challenges in facilitating effective parent/teacher communications. Since engaging parents is one of the best ways to improve student performance, why aren’t teachers doing more of it?

Carnegie Mellon Software Aims To Teach Kids Without Teachers

While the title is pure “click-bait” this is an article worth checking out. Focusing on a team of volunteers at Carnegie Mellon University who are creating software that teaches children to read and do simple math without a teacher. This story might read like any other fantasy edtech fable, however, it’s in the application of the technology — helping children in developing countries attain a basic level of education — that makes this project so fascinating (and worth your time).

A Beginner’s Guide to Bringing Coding Into the Classroom

We’re a company of coders, so any opportunity to spread the love is always appreciated. Simply put, there are not enough skilled coders to go around. We need more. Seriously, if you know any let us know. This article, courtesy of edSurge, offers some practical tips on facilitating an Hour of Code in your classroom.

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