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10 ways using Infinite Campus as an all-in-one system can benefit your district.

• October 12, 2022

The lack of integration between multiple systems remains among the leading shortcomings for district technology departments. The time, money and effort spent managing single-purpose systems quickly adds up. Overlapping databases and siloed systems cause outdated, error-prone information. This is why more districts are moving to a single system that offers an SIS, LMS, food service, communication tools, payment processing, student registration and more:

1. Accessibility/Usability: 

One login, one password. Seamless experience for staff, parents, and students. 

2. Cost Reduction: 

Save time, money and effort by not managing siloed, disparate systems. 

3. Real-time Visibility: 

Access the same data across all departments. 

4. Integration: 

Guaranteed compatibility across all solutions…products are built to function seamlessly together. 

5. Security: 

Peace of mind knowing you have consistent and reliable security across all products. 

6. Ongoing Innovation: 

Apply product enhancements to one vendor vs. multiple. 

7. Data Collection: 

Eliminate siloed databases; no uploads or downloads. 

8. Automated Workflows: 

Spend less time entering data into multiple systems. 

9. Support: 

One company, one number to call for award-winning assistance. 

10. Training: 

Fewer systems to understand and train staff on.