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10 Reasons School Districts Love Campus Online Registration

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• February 8, 2023

Over 1,200 Infinite Campus districts use Campus Online Registration, a tool that helps streamline new and existing student enrollment processes.

Check out the top 10 reasons why school districts love Campus Online Registration:

1. Eliminates paper processes: everything is done electronically
2. Saves money: eliminate printing and mailing costs
3. Improves data integrity: never have to decipher hard-to-read penmanship
4. Streamlines processes: instant data entry into Camps Census when applications are approved
5. Flexible parent/guardian experience: accessible via Campus Parent, district website, mobile phone, or in-school/district kiosk
6. Responsive forms: only display questions that are relevant to the applicant
7. Email automation: real-time updates on application status
8. Optional customization: any/all questions can be customized, including by adding links to custom forms
9. Digital repository: ability to upload utility bills, birth certificates, transcripts, and more
10. Reporting functionality: ability to run reports on application and enrollment status