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Login Problems

Darn. Let's see if we can help.

Looking to log in to your school district’s version of Infinite Campus?

Each school district has their own instance of Infinite Campus with their own web address. It’s likely that your school’s web site has a link to their version of Infinite Campus.

"Your account needs attention" error.

Unfortunately most user account maintenance needs to be done via our Web Portal. Sometimes there is an issue that would be handled well in the Web version, but not in our iOS and Android Mobile App.

Sorry about that, we are working on changes to remove these headaches. We recommend to log into the Web Portal and see what could be causing the issue. 


If you have failed to enter your username and password correctly, after a few missed attempts the Web Portal will show you a CAPTCHA. A CAPTCHA is usually presented as an image that is supposed to help differentiate you from a computer.

If the CAPTCHA is triggered, your account is flagged to require a CAPTCHA for your next login. You then must then enter your username, password, and CAPTCHA correctly to gain access. As a security measure, this feature keeps your account from being disabled due to too many incorrect login attempts. However, since CAPTCHA isn't supported in our mobile apps today you'll need to login to the Web Portal successfully to clear the CAPTCHA flag and then be able to login on mobile again.

Have you tried logging into the Web Portal?

If you can log into the Web Portal, you should be able to log into your iOS or Android Mobile Portal App.

Other Login Issues?

You may want to reference our Username and Password help page.

Note: Our Mobile App is for parents and students only. Teachers and other district staff shouldn't expect the Mobile App to work for them unless they have children in the same school district.

Are you experiencing a problem?  Ask for help.